Persuasive speech

Ooh!  A potential ally. That’s rare: so few women take men’s lib seriously.

You can’t put a price on job satisfaction.


Don’t worry, I’m sure she can’t trace your IP address.  Just keep reading Contemplating the Divine… everything’ll be fine.



He doesn’t need to renew his vows to her, of course.  I mean, she’s not going to release him from them, or anything.



Oh well.  No real harm done.  You do look a bit like No. 23, actually – I don’t know whether anyone else has ever mentioned that?  But then we all look near-identical… hence the numbers, I suppose.

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  1. The world would be a better place for both women and men if rapists were treated like in the second caption. Though you might find very quickly that nobody is keen to commit rape any more.

  2. 1st caption:
    Dude better be careful. If she says lets discuss this in private, WATCH OUT!! We discuss this in public, in case she plans on putting hands on me.

    Caption 4:
    I call it honoring thy goddess wife, and showing that you love her by taking the beating that started it.

  3. Quite so, Ms Zoe. Men's lib, viewed properly, shouldn't be about nonsense like being free of chastity belts, still less about complaining about well-justified spanking, as some militant males who've never met the right woman to knock some sense onto them would have us believe. No, for us males true liberation is the liberation from anxiety-inducing decision-making, that we can all of us achieve by raising our consciousness and doing exactly as we're told, all the time.

    Best wishes#


  4. Indeed it would. The RPU's basic principle is that prevention is better than cure and they also like to say that one cannot be too careful, on this subject. I'm sure they're right.

    Best wishes


  5. Thank you, Squawneworder. But if you think she might be deterred from some overdue corrective measures just by being out in public, I think perhaps you've misjudged the situation. But then we males often do, which is why in well-ordered communities we're not in charge.

    Best wishes


  6. Sigh, you're right–I was hoping my mistress would protect me if she see's some random woman taking me in the back somewhere. But then, she might allow her to punish me once she finds out about my leanings towards mens lib, so I won't be able to bull shit my way out of it so easily.

  7. Not for me to tell you how to act, Squaw (that's for your Mistress) but doesn't the fact that you cannot bullshit your way out suggest something to you about the relative competence, intelligence and just all-round worth of women vs men, that in itself might cause you to question those leanings towards mens lib? I mean, it would be lovely to think the two sexes were equal, but it's obviously not true so why get upset about it, I say?

    Best wishes


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