War is cruelty

… there is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.  General Sherman said that.  Smart boy.

Yes… it’s another World War M post.  It’s been a while.  But war is eternal.

These girls know all about that.  They’ve stared war in the face and slapped it more times than they like to remember.  Was it worth it?  That’s one for the history girls to decide.  But each of these soldiers has made her own peace with the goddesses of war.











0 thoughts on “War is cruelty”

  1. When women are close together in the army, our menstrual cycles synchronize. Menstruation is now highly honored. We lock you men in chastity, and claim our bloody male trophies. You men must now lick clean our woman’s sacred blood.

  2. Some men’s tongues were too weak. They had to do tongue exercises to strengthen up for the job.

  3. That is a horrid image, Sally. I don't know any of my girlfriends or my sisters who would say such a thing. Our periods are both sacred and very private. Keep quiet, Sally, I beg you.


  4. No problem Zoe; I understand. With men it’s all physical. Just raise our skirts and they’re immediately sexually aroused. With we ladies it’s much more emotional. Naked male parts don’t do it for me.
    It’s women lib. Men must do what pleases a woman, and not do what displeases a woman.

  5. Back in some town in Scandinavia the women regarded putting men in chastity as a male trophy. Their goal was to have multiple men in chastity at the same time. It was greatly regarded, amongst the ladies, to have at least one male in chastity, and even more impressive was to be the key holder for more than one male. A bigger prize.
    Señores. Los hombres son divertidos para las mujeres.

  6. We women are very special. Our emotions are sacred! Men must worship women or be punished. However it is up to the woman how she wishes to be worshipped.

  7. I don’t often fully understand women. However I do know that their wondrous bodies and female emotions are tied together.

  8. Hey! Can you do some line writing captions? I loved the one where the woman goes to outside because its sunny and makes his husband write lines! I love the unfairness of it! You can also use writeforme.org too!

  9. ''You may sit, sissy. Good boy. Now you are here for your annual review, ok?''

    ''Yes, Ma'am. Thank you, ma'am''

    ''Your number, name and rank, please. Just so I know I am speaking to the right sissy. You all tend to blend in and it's sometimes difficult to tell you guys apart. You know, with your minidress and your curly girlie hair an'all.''

    ''Yes, ma'am. Number 291837. Naomi. Sissy Foot Slave Trooper. Ma'am.''

    ''Ok, Naomi, you can relax. I am going to ask some questions about your time her.''

    ''Yes ma'am.''

    ''You have had good reports about how you look after the feet and boots of the soldiers in your unit. There was an incident when you appeared to hesitate when there was some cow shit on Sergeant Elaine's boot. You also appear to favour Sergeant Miriam, as you always look after her feet first. I understand you may not like cow shit, soldier, but you should never hesitate. That is like saying 'oh I am better than cow shit'' don't you agree?''

    ''Yes, ma'am. I was caned for that incident. Ma'am I do not favor…….''

    ''Shut up. I haven't asked you about Miriam yet. I see you got six strokes for hesitating and haven't done that again. Good boy. Now explain about Sergeant Miriam. Do you like her a lot?''

    ''Oh ma'am. Kind goddess. I do admire Sergeant Miriam and do enjoy kissing and worshipping her feet. I didn't think I was looking after her first. I will do better, ma'am.''

    ''Good boy. Now we did a trial with you serving food in the Sergeant's Mess, didn't we? That seemed to have gone well. You didn't like the soldiers lifting your skirt to see your nickers, but they had a hard time up in Washington, saw some hard things with the insurgent Mutts up there, you know? Some of their comrades were injured, some Mutts screamed so loud even if they were just shouted at.''

    ''Yes, ma'am. I undestand ma'am.

  10. (sorry didn't quite finish the above).

    ''So Naomi, you have done well this year. Good boy. Can you just kiss my feet whilst I type up your report. Good boy.''

    Zoe ( I must have pressed publish by mistake. Both are mine. I am a silly one).

  11. Great story Zoe!
    Men must surrender, serve, and subject themselves to females.

  12. I don’t like it when men hit on me; I feel like I’m being used. On the other hand, I love it when a man finds me attractive and especially desirable. I feel he values my womanhood.
    That’s why I like men in chastity. They really want me but can do nothing about it, so they regard me as precious. After awhile they open up emotionally. With those ones I can have an unencumbered emotional relationship. I deeply relish that ! I simply glow inside.

  13. War is cruel. You’ve put me in chastity and took away my orgasms. It’s constant tease and denial from you. Now I’m in agony from wanting you so much. You dominate me totally.

  14. There’s evidence that a penis kept in chastity will shrink over many months. Sometimes the testicles may grow.
    Over many months or years his testosterone will change a man’s psychology from being orgasm focus to being instead focused on giving his woman affection and tenderness and snuggling her to bliss.

  15. You will be marched in. Stripped And then given a ruined orgasm, drained and no relief. Then in a few hours or you be given another terrible ruined orgasm, frustration with no relief. You’ll go crazy wanting an orgasm as you’re drained constantly.

  16. Goodness me, thank you all for the thoughtful discussion. The lady soldiers featured in the captions here tend to take the rough with the smooth when they're in the field, as far as monthly matters are concerned, but back at base there are more creature comforts and plenty of domesticated males to ensure all goes well.

    Best wishes


  17. A lovely thought, Alberto. Perhaps you could suggest it if ever captured on the field of battle when WW M finally breaks out. But you might find your captors prefer the traditional, more direct way of celebrating and commemorating their victory.

    Best wishes


  18. I met a servicewoman the other day who had one of the biggest trophy-cabinets I've ever seen but it was mostly empty, which was a relief. Apparently I should "wait and see", whatever that means. I find women hard to understand, sometimes.

    Best wishes


  19. A lovely story indeed. Naomi sounds like a pathetic little coward: just the sort of the man we're looking for in this woman's army.

    Best wishes


  20. Privilege or military duty – either way, it's an important job that needs doing and we salute the heroines who take it on.

    Best wishes


  21. That sounds very scientific. The girls in the captioned images here have been studying what happens to penises over time too – apparently they shrivel up and dry out, unless you keep them in a pickle jar. Not much snuggling involved there, I'll admit.

    Best wishes


  22. Even a ruined orgasm is an orgasm, Sarah. Some of us are grateful for small mercies – and minor cruelties too.

    Best wishes


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