Compulsive behaviour

She has a different – but very effective – approach to ensuring that the tasks you undertake are carried out properly.

 This is of course Cassie Hunter, the Hunteress or (for simplicity): ‘Ma’am’.


I think she shouldn’t be so diplomatic – sometimes it’s best to get honest, direct feedback.



She doesn’t usually accept ‘submissive little weirdo’ clients, but sometimes it’s a pleasant change not to have to pretend to like them.




Of course, even with a genetic explanation it’s still your fault. 


Percy looks like he might need to soak for ten minutes or so in the icy water of the pond in the garden, before he’ll be small enough to fit into his winter quarters.

 And this is Lady Annabelle whom I suspect is retired, but if not, she is certainly one of the smiliest dommes around, with a very fine line in teasing and mocking.  If anyone can find a link to a site that’s her own, please feel free to share it.




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  1. 2nd caption: One of these days, women will get tired of running into men who can't perform in bed, take matters into their own hands, and start training them on how to pleasure a woman properly. Part of the training will of course include whips, belts, strapon dildoes, butt plugs, and extensive feminization of the male, wearing wearing skirts and panties.

  2. I certainly hope so, Squawneworder. But I suspect some of us would still be rubbish at it, even with an enthusiastic trainer. It's like the crossword… I've been staring at them for years and can never get more than a few clues done. And I've seen a lot more crosswords than women.

    But I'm certainly willing to try, if there's a lady out there with patience and a strong whipping arm.

    Best wishes


  3. There has been a lot of football recently on UK television. Not sure why. My sissy slave husband, Max, loves his sport. He used to play golf until I put a stop to that, because it took his mind away from serving me and doing as he was told. He could be away from the house all afternoon on a Saturday with his friends, whilst my tired feet were in need of attention.

    Max has been a bit sulky over the football because it often clashes with my TV soaps. The solution has been that he can watch one match per week, of his choosing under my supervision. It seems to work quite well, he gets to watch whilst I read my book or compile a food shopping list. I don't allow any shouting at the screen or whoops of delight when a goal is scored. (is that the right phrase, no idea?).

    I quite like the illusion of the big alpha man watching a macho sport with testosterone in every muscle. I say illusion because Max is a sissy slave with tendencies to squeal with delight and obsess over dresses and skirts and cleaning products and recipes for delicious meals. More Beta than Alpha, more girly than macho.

    Last week his favorite team won unexpectedly and so there were two matches he wanted to watch, even though he is only allowed to watch one per week. Being a kind goddess we negotiated a 3 month extension to his chastity in exchange for him being allowed to watch. Seems fair to me. His team lost, I think.


  4. Wonderful article, Zoe.

    Yes, Mr Alpha man just oozing testosterone, overwhelmingly wanting me, I feel so desired that I get wet and melt into his passion. Then he roles over and goes to sleep while I’m left hungry for affection. It’s an illusion. I love your word.

    My Mr Beta man is affectionate. He can touch my feelings. He can make me all warm and glow inside. He’s my companion. Nevertheless, he is still a man.

    So yes, sometimes chastity is on the table with my Mr Beta. Actually it helps. He doesn’t push for sex because he can’t. I feel free. He is more affectionate to me. The snuggles are great. Still from to time I have my dreams of a Mr Alpha man absolutely crazy with wanting me. I get wet.

    Oh I wish there was a switch that I could instantly switch my man from being Alpha to Beta and vice versa.

  5. Does anyone have any information on prostate massage? I have heard a little about it.
    Gracias adelanté

  6. If he watches football instead of paying attention to me, he deserves extended chastity.

  7. I was chatting over coffee to one of my friends from University, Amelia. She is a Chemist and is the kindest, sweetest woman I know. We bonded because she believes in the gynarchy lifestyle. That is where men are 3rd class citizens and all women are superior. Where men do as they are told and do not contradict or argue with a woman.

    We were discussing whether it is ok to punish a sissy slave, like my husband Max, even though they did as they were told but haven't been caned for some time. This happens quite often with me and Max. He is such a good boy, obedient and quick to obey that I rarely have good reason to cane him.

    I do enjoy his screams and pleadings when I do cane him, but is that a good enough reason?

    Amelia thought it is best to only cane when an actual naughtiness has happened. Otherwise a slave would be resentful and even hate for you. You must be consistent.

    I agreed, but it is so nice to cane a tight, white bottom until it becomes red.

    Here is what happened after Amelia went home and I was alone with Max.

    ''Max, come her I want to talk. When was the last time you were caned for being a naughty boy? Can you remember?''

    ''High goddess, oh most beautiful one. It must be over two months, ma'am.''

    ''OK, and what had you done to deserve a caning?'

    ''Ma'am, I had eaten an apple the hade been bitten into bit discarded in the bin by goddess Katy, ma'am.''

    ''Oh yes, I remember. Katy was chatting about her boyfriend and I had offered her some fruit and she didn't finish hers. Next day I noticed the discarded apple was not in the bin. I can't remember why I looked, maybe I was putting something in. Do you remember how many strokes I gave you, Max?''

    ''Ma'am, It was six, ma'am.''

    ''Did you deserve it?''

    ''Most high goddess. I always deserve the canings you graciously give me. Ma'am''

    ''Good boy. I am feeling in the mood to see your bottom all red from a caning, even though you have been a good boy for a while. What do you think about that, boy?''

    ''Ma'am, most beautiful goddess. I approve of everything you do. You are a most wonderful goddess. I love you so much, ma'am, I would say if you want to cane me then you have every right and I will be so grateful, ma'am.''

    I dismissed Max and rang Amelia. I giggled as I told her what Max had said. She laughed too, but thought I was mean. I told her the mood has passed, but it doesn't hurt that Max thinks I might cane him soon for no good reason.


  8. I find that a ruined orgasm works better than a cock cage. A man can escape from them or cheat. With a ruined orgasm a man can no longer get it up for a limited time. Yet unlike a regular orgasm where he crashes afterwards, with the ruined one he still stays charged up. Best of both worlds.

  9. I've never really seen the point of football, I have to say. I used to enjoy watching some sports: women's beach volleyball, netball, some women's tennis – but I found I lost interest soon after my SO introduced my chastity regime.

    Perhaps rather than the illusion of the big alpha man watching macho sports, Ms Zoe, you could try the real thing? Maxie could serve him drinks. I'm sure he'd catch enough of the game, popping in and out of the kitchen, making sure you and your guest are comfortable, for it to be a rich and satisfying experience for him.

    Best wishes


  10. I have none whatsoever, I'm afraid Alberto. As a general principle, using this blog as a guide to medical or even safe BDSM techniques is a little unwise.

    Best wishes


  11. Amelia sounds very sweet. I do find it is often the kindest ladies who end up taking on more dominant roles in marriage. My SO, for example, as she often likes to say, has the patience of a saint and is much more forgiving of me than I deserve, so heaven help me if I ever come under the authority of a lady who is not.

    Best wishes


  12. Wise words, Ms Sally. Ruin the orgasm, ruin the boy as the saying ought to go. I sometimes ruin my SO's orgasms by being off-putting and annoying when she's having sex with someone, so it's only fair.

    Best wishes


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