Tears are not enough

But they can help.


BBWs go well with SIMs – scrawny, insignificant males.



Andy wasn’t very likeable but Janet very much enjoyed his company, towards the end.



A well-equipped playroom, I see.


I was once taken in by a policewoman strippergram that someone had arranged as a surprise at my 18th birthday party – I actually genuinely thought I was in trouble with the law!  How we laughed when I was released six months later.




Kitten likes to keep the conversation focused on things that are important.






0 thoughts on “Tears are not enough”

  1. Hey. In Victorian times fleshy women were seen as the ideal.
    You know you men just love all that flesh.

  2. Do you think if I buy her flowers and spoil her, she’ll be less hard on me??

  3. Women are wonderful. So the more of a woman there is, the more wonderful she must be.

    The lady in the first image is perfectly happy with her shape. She just dislikes being classified by inferiors.

    Best wishes


  4. Yes. Yes, definitely. Still very hard indeed – after all, how else will you ever improve – but infinitessimally less so.

    Good luck, Steve.

    Best wishes


  5. Good. I'm sure you deserve it. My SO keeps the spanking gloves next to the masturbation gloves and occasionally loses track of what it was she was supposed to be doing when she's put them on, the forgetful thing. Still, there's rarely any serious harm done.

    Many thanks for your comment.

    Best wishes


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