Sexual wealing

Interestingly (well… as near to being interesting as anything gets on this damp and flaccid excuse for a blog), the word ‘weal’ means both ‘a ridge or mark on flesh raised with a blow of a whip’ and ‘wealth or happiness’. Which to my mind – like the fact that ‘stroke’ means both a caress and the lash of a whip – just goes to show that there’ve been subbies around for as long as the English language has existed.  Chaucer’s ‘The Ffyndomme’s Tayle’ being a case in point, I suppose, or Shakespeare’s ‘Loves Labours Forced.’



Interestingly, that rather racy outfit she’s wearing is modeled on that worn by Playboy’s Playmate of the Month from October 1842.

Attentive ‘readers’ will obviously have recognised the compassionate and sweet-tempered Cassie Hunter, the Hunteress.  You can tell she is feeling particularly merciful and forgiving, on this occasion, from the gentle smile on her lips. 




Honestly, if her sissy were a bit more familiar with orgasms himself he might have realised how totally inappropriate that request was.  Not that I’m excusing his selfish behaviour, you understand.



I’ve never really understood what ‘SPH play’ really consists of.  I mean, if we’re not doing ‘SPH play’ what’s she going to talk about – the weather?




Sometimes she puts a little extra in.  Other times she takes a little extra out.

What, all of them?





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  1. The more clothes
    She has on, the more formidable she is. We men can’t win for losing.

  2. Quite right Hank. Losing is what men are good at, so why not embrace and celebrate that? Fortunately, there is an entire sub-genre of femdom video out there in which young (usually Amercian) girls make precisely that point, so that's covered.

    Best wishes


  3. ''So, tell me. What do you talk about at the 'Men's Improvement Group', honey.''

    ''Well, ma'am, Most High Goddess. Last week we had a speaker. A lady who told us how to properly iron a pleated skirt, an A-line Skirt and a Midi Skirt. It was really good, ma'am.''

    ''Ok, do you discuss discipline?''

    ''Sometimes, ma'am. We talk about how good it is to be corrected by our Owners. How important it is to learn from our errors, mistakes and stupidity, ma'am.''

    ''That is all very good, Max. Kate tells me her Boy, Petor, said that sometimes you all complain about the harsh treatment you receive, are you lying to me, Max. Or is Petor a liar, hmm?''

    ''Most High Goddess, it has been mentioned, but not by me I swear, that some High Goddesses give a whipping for what to them seem minor infractions or errors, ma'am. I am sorry, I promise I never complain about you, most High Goddess, you are always fair, Most High One. Please believe me, ma'am.''

    ''Do you know what I think? I think I believe you do not say these things, or agree with them. You wouldn't dare. But, you do not disagree, either. You do not argue against them. You just stay quiet, is that right, honey?''

    ''Well, ma'am. If I am honest, yes. But the guys know I don't agree with them.''

    ''You may kiss my feet. Worship them. I have chosen to believe you, but if I hear you have lied to me, you will be sold, ok? I cannot own a liar. Is that clear?''

    ''Yes, ma'am, very clear. Next time I will say they are being silly, of course their owners can whip them as hard as she pleases, I will ma'am, I promise.''

    ''Good boy.''


  4. That does sound like a very advanced Men's Improvement Group. The one I attend is at a much more basic level, I'm afraid, and the men present are not allowed to speak. The organisers find that helps to keep the discussion focused on the important things.

    Best wishes


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