There’s a two-legged animal running about

 … but if it’s kneeling down on one knee, I reckon things are probably OK.

It can be more complicated for them to find better quality ‘playmates’, as those are often reported as missing after a while.  Which isn’t a problem – she’s even had some minor celebrities who’ve disappeared into her playroom – but it’s an added complication.

With a bit of luck, maybe Pookie will get bored of having monthly orgasms after a while and stop trying so hard.  Then it’ll be your turn.  Just give it time.

Looks like you have an extra 45 minutes free!  Whatever will you do with it?  Ironing, dusting… the possibilities are almost endless (within the very limited range of things you’re permitted to do, obviously).  Later on, it looks like there’ll be quite a lot of chocolate stains to clean up, so best to get ahead on the regular chores.

She’s enjoying it in a non-sexual way… and if you’re as exhausted and sore as she implies, you’re probably hating it in a non-sexual way too.  So that’s very compatible.

She’s quite tender-hearted, so she’ll be upset when she comes back from her next trip to the forest but I expect Vanya 2 can cheer her up.

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  1. I’d very much enjoy serving my Lady and her GF as they wished during a makeout session. What an honor! But you raise a good point that is more likely be ironing in another room or cooking, awaiting the sound of the bell. I do hope they’ll comment on my frilly topped socks under my heels!!

    The taping job to make me walk like a crab near the floor sounds miserable, but I can see why She’d find it funny. The only upside I can see is picking up all the panties and lingerie with my mouth! I suppose there could be an up skirt view too, from time to time… maybe. SaraE

  2. Just imagining a peek into Anya's playroom. How many cages does she have there? Is there another vacancy?

  3. Thank you, SaraE. I am not quite sure why you'd need any more upside than amusing her. The worst would be if you got all taped up like that, hobbled around for a while, then folded up in the agony of cramps – and all the while, she was more interested in her phone.

    My SO does enjoy putting me into thoroughly uncomfortable bondage set-ups, but she'd generally focused on the more practical aspects: stopping me from getting into trouble when she is away on a business trip, for instance, or holding a door open.

    Best wishes


  4. She has quite a few, Melissa. I haven't checked lately, but vacancies appear from time to time, particularly when she's working off anger issues, so she's always interested in new stock.

    I'll put your name forward.

    Best wishes


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