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  1. I like the idea of a Women’s Court.
    Ideally one could be set up in my local neighborhood here 😉

  2. In these courts, punishments would be carried out by a group of women, not just one. Very scary!

  3. I’ve heard that these courts order castration quite frequently. The women are quite unemotional and methodical about it. He’s sent down to the castration room, and it’s done without fanfare.

  4. Thank you all. SaraE if you like the idea of a Women's Court you are definitely going to want to check back here on 12 November. Not many pictures but a lot of judgment being handed down.

  5. Quite scary, Hank, but well-deserved. Don't worry, though: the three of them always vote before doing anything really severe or irreversible. So if you can just convince two of them to be merciful, all will be well. And how hard can that be, really?

    Best wishes


  6. Thank you, Mr A. They are unemotional about it, but it's not always done that quickly – depends on the judge, on the crime, whether anyone's remembered to lay out some wine and nibbles, that kind of thing.
    It is indeed done without fanfares, but some of the ladies like to have some music in the background. In fact (second advert on one page!) there's a highly relevant little ditty being posted here next weekend, on November 6th.

    Best wishes


  7. S – oh, I won’t miss checking that. I’m not a fan of castration. But I find Women are very good judges of things. And having a few deliberate typically results in good dialog and the proper resolution. Not that it wouldn’t be embarrassing as all get-out.
    I think neighborhood tribunals would be worthwhile, since they are local and can be quickly convened… and you’d be seeing the judges more regularly when out nearby. SaraE

  8. A- good point about the wine and nibbles being part of the court proceedings. It’s only fair, for taking up Their time. Plus it will keep them in a better mood when determining punishments.
    Based on experience with my Wife, though, I’d tecommend they not keep pondering punishments after sharing one bottle of wine. Just my two cents, SaraE

  9. I don't know who is 'Sarka'… The Czech name is Šárka and we except to be taken as equal Europeans, not some ex Soviet zoo.
    Ms Lucia with my boy.

  10. Thank you, Ms Lucia.

    It's easy enough to find out who she is, as she is all over the femdom internet and almost invariably spelt that way, including on her own website. I realise her name is not pronounced the way those letters would be in English, but it is common not to include diacritical marks when writing foreign names, just as Czech writing would doubtless skip most French accents.

    Does it make the Czechs less than equal Europeans when a joke femdom blog takes the piss (British phrase) out of the OWK, a gloriously camp and kitsch institution that was very much of its place and its time? I'd better leave Downton and Cruella alone then too, to avoid offending the British. Fortunately, most nationalities don't base their sense of national worth on how their femdom facilities are depicted in obscure places on the Internet.

    And… look, I wasn't stereotyping the Czechs but the OWK, but if I was, so what? Porn is based on stereotypes and so is a lot of humour, so I'm afraid a humorous femdom blog is simply not going to tiptoe around trying to be 'respectful'. I always find it kinda funny (but I find it kinda sad) that when people do take 'offence' here, it's never about the torture, castration, murder or implied gay rape that so often features – those are all just fine – it's something else.

    I take the piss out of everything here, most of all myself.

    Rant over. But really, there's so much 'that's offensive to me as a XX' on the Internet. Fair play when it's the New York Times but when this blog affectionately mocks the OWK? Come on…

    And finally, this old post contains nothing but offensive national stereotypes although the nation it is really mocking is the US. If that offends you, don't click the link, then you won't be offended. See how it works?

    Best wishes (really)


  11. Oh, don't worry, there's plenty of castration on this blog. Here there and everywhere. If this blog were a supermarket, there'd be buckets labelled "cut price castration" and "everything must go". I see 215 posts labelled with that sweet little word already and more to come.

    Familial? Yes if you mean husbands… The revolution begins at home with a single cut. Not if you mean actual family, as incest isn't my kink. Although I do get round that taboo with the occasional 'step-daughter' caption, carefully making clear there's no blood relationship.

    Goodness, here I am immediately contradicting my rant above about how I don't believe in avoiding taboos. What a hypocrite I am, eh? Ah well.

    Best wishes


  12. Thank you, SaraE. Especially for the two cents, as I appreciate that must be a significant chunk of your weekly allowance.

    For what it is worth (rather less than two cents), this blog has a fine tradition of posting captions dommes getting drunk before getting started. Not to be taken seriously, of course, but then nothing in this blog is…. something of a theme in the comments section today.

    Best wishes


  13. Mr Servitor. Please keep up the good work. You’re appreciated. I enjoy being amused by it. The British are always known for their sense of humor, and we all need to lighten up and laugh at ourselves. We women do tend to take ourselves too seriously as you guys know all to well.

  14. Thank you, Holly, kind of you to say so.

    Not sure my SO would quite agree with your suggestion that women take themselves too seriously, but of course that's not for me to say. She enjoys a good laugh, of course – in fact that's something I remember vividly from our very first date – but as she rightly says, any disrespect for her opinions is no laughing matter.

    Thank you again.


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