Life (of a sort) imitating no sort of art

 Not a proper post today, but continuing in the same theme of actual things that actually happened to the actual me…


So… I had a wonderful session last week with my wonderful beautiful smart creative and witty regular domme.  And one of the wonderful things this wonderful person decided to do was have me kneel before her while she read a poem and occasionally she’d stop and I had to guess the rhyming word and if I didn’t get it right she slapped my face.

And that’s a lot of fun if you’re me.  And the poem she chose was The Raven by Poe.

And I was just thinking as I knelt there, looking happily into her smiling face, that this is quite a strange thing for a sex worker (that is a term she uses and is proud of) to do.  I mean, some sex workers presumably have actual sex, although that’s not an activity I’ve ever tried in session. We all have our limits, after all.  Sitting there, fully clothed, reading poetry and occasionally slapping someone is an odd thing for a sex worker to do.  If you think about it and I was thinking about it, while also frequently trying to guess a rhyme and being slapped when necessary.



And then she got to the line “And is there balm in Gilead” and I suddenly had a profound moment of deja vue (and a good hard slap) as I remembered this:


…which I had previously posted in my almost universally unpopular series of ‘Rule 18‘ posts, in which I put up pictures (usually uncaptioned) of lovely ladies dressed or behaving weirdly, and one is supposed to imagine the poor things gamely trying hard to fulfill some usually unseen client’s ludicrously over-complicated sexual fantasy. 

 I particularly liked the one above… even though I had to caption it.  It’s the expression of vague embarrassment on the blonde lady’s face and the way her colleague declaiming is making such an effort to get it right.  (My wonderful domme did it effortlessly of course).

The original ‘Advice to a novice domme’ post defining a ‘Rule 18’ violation is below:



That’s all for today.  Abnormal service as usual from now on.





Oh all right then, you’ve read this far, you can have one new captioned image.  Advice to a novice domme, obviously.  Which (for the avoidance of doubt) my own wonderful, clever, elegant, creative and perfect domme does not need.




0 thoughts on “Life (of a sort) imitating no sort of art”

  1. Women are so irresistible to me. Yet deep down I know and am reminded in little ways, sometimes big ways, that we male exist to please women. A strong woman knows this, at least subconsciously if not consciously. I often forget, only to hit a brick wall and be reminded that “Nevermore” do women exist to please me. But I often forget.

  2. Mr. Hank. Want to please a woman? Give her all of your attention. Focus on her, not yourself. We women attract you males, not to give you something, but instead to serve us. We crave and our made happy by your unselfish attention. It’s long lasting unlike your silly quick sex.

  3. I very much like the creativity of your Mistress, coming up with the rhyming/slapping game. I can just see her smiling in glee!
    I used to think it weird that guys would go to sessions for things like talking or poetry readings. Now I know better.
    Kinda sadly, “nevermore” appears to be my PIV sex life. But I’m adjusting.
    Finally, I had to laugh at your toilet training pic at end. I’ve wanted to experience this, but it’s never worked out. Saturday dreams, all… SaraE

  4. Toilet sessions. When I didn’t say how delicious it tasted, I suffered at her hands. So I say “Nevermore” will I forget to praise her taste.

  5. I am strong and vagina proud. You guys can’t resist me.
    I prefer men who are strong and testicle proud. I can’t resist them.

  6. Thank you, Hank, thank you Ms Holly. Yes, it's best not to think about our silly quick sex, especially if it is not only brief but very infrequent.

    Best wishes


  7. Thank you SaraE.

    'Very much like' is not really the phrase, as far as I am concerned. Adore… worship… revere…idolise… I could go on.

    Now we all know better.

    Best wishes


  8. Goodness. Not a strong man, I'm afraid, Ms Sally. 'Testicle proud'? Well, I'd certainly rather not lose them, if that counts as 'pride'? But it's not really my decision.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


  9. I don’t know about this, Sally. I just interested in a man for companionship and for fun.

  10. Mr. Servitor. I want all men to keep their testicles. It is through your balls that we women control you men.
    Thank you for your blog.

  11. Am I right in thinking that your wonderful beautiful smart creative and witty regular domme reads this blog? spicegrinder

  12. Thank you spicegrinder

    As far as I know, she does not. But (a) I do genuinely consider her to be wonderful and all the rest of it (b) you can't be too careful.

    What I'm saying is that I don't just think her wonderful etc because she might hit me otherwise. I think that because she hits me anyway, as well as for a bunch of other reasons.

    Best wishes


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