When the weather’s fine (1)

 You got women, you got women on your mind.

And when the weather’s rainy and cold too, but anyway the summery summary is intended to convey the post-thing relaunch of that fine old CtD tradition: Servitor’s summer break!  Yes, no more slaving away at housework and domestic service in a cold Northern climate for me for two weeks: I’m off to the seaside to slave away at housework and domestic service there instead.

So, so so so… three captions a day (not particularly good ones), no commentary and no replies to any of your own lovely comments (but don’t let that stop you leaving them), until early September.

See ya!

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  1. I've never much cared for that "sissy humiliation" stuff. It's predicated on the notion that males are degraded and humiliated by being forced to dress like women. But that doesn't track; women are vastly superior to males, a male isn't "degraded" by being made to more resemble one (however poorly). To the contrary, males should be forbidden from ever doing such a thing…

  2. I mostly agree with this sentiment except for the notion that they should never be allowed to do dress in female clothes. I believe it can be an earned privilege that can be afforded by women. If so then it should be worn with pride. If it is their preference then who are we, as the lesser sex, to deny them. It is a case by case basis really.

  3. Males must know their place. Very simple. The women will decide what the man wears.

  4. I’m fortunate to be allowed to wear womens clothes, not all the time though.
    The first one—about being lubed up— came as a shocker! Nice job

  5. Well, OK. Generally this blog doesn't go in much for discussion of the right and wrong way to do femdom. I mean, my fetish is irrational, silly and wildly unrealistic anyway, so trying to ground it in some kind of logic doesn't seem to me to be a fruitful activity. Not while there are boots to be licked, lines to be written or large dildos to be accommodated. But thank you both for the comments. Wear your sissy dress with pride or with shame, I say – up to you!

    Best wishes


  6. Thank you, SaraE. In my experience, it's even more of a shocker when you're not given a chance to lube up, but sometimes there just isn't time for everything to be ready in advance and you just have to take it as it comes, you know?

    Best wishes


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