Warning: immature content

 Don’t proceed past this point if you’re offended by implicit sexual imagery.


Some women won’t even let men know they’re upset.  I’m glad she’s being so forthright.

I think she’d be good at humiliation play, don’t you?  She could build on her knowledge of real clients who want real sex – and draw a few sharp comparisons.

It’s a natural gift.  That and practice.  And a lot of Gaviscon, if I’m honest with myself.

Actually, this reminds me of yet another depressing contrast between fantasy and reality I encountered in one of the very first times I sessioned with a domme, having been too nervous to do so, for many years.  (NB: don’t be like this guy!  Contact a domme!  It’ll be lovely; she’ll be lovely!).  With the wonderful lady, now retired, who stars as ‘Mistress Valerie’ in my early stories.  ANY-way, so back then she smoked (then she gave up – clever, strong Mistress).  So I did the human ashtray thing – wow, yeah, ash flicked into my mouth!  Oh the humiliation!  And then she gave me a near-finished cigarette butt to eat, and eager Servitor chewed and swallowed and… and… spent the remaining hour of that two hour session, with stomach churning, heart racing from the nicotine and generally feeling like he would soooo rather be somewhere else.  Oh well.  Did it once.  Thank you, Mistress. 

Rather like other much-maligned minorities, lesbians who happen to have jobs that involve castrating men often lean into the stereotype by embracing the otherwise offensive phrase.  One of Jennifer’s co-workers likes to wear a badge saying “Warning: castrating lesbian”.  It breaks the ice at parties and she does get served very quickly in bars. But she also has to explain to women who are annoyed with their husbands or boyfriends that she can only do it within the legal framework… unless they’re really cute wives and and girlfriends, in which case she’s been known to make an exception.

No, I just wanted to spend a few more seconds staring into those eyes…

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  1. If he wants to discuss her instructions, do be sure to do it humbly, on your knees, kissing her feet. Last time you tried "discussing" her rules, you did it in a very unsubmissive manner that only landed you over her lap.

  2. No, dangerous to discuss rules, etc. Wise to only ask to make instruction more clear so that you can do more exactly what she wants.

  3. Warning. Women have camps for such men. You definitely don’t want to go to one of them! Let’s just say experience is “unforgettable”.

  4. Some of you might be wondering why there were two posts today. To which I can reply only: sheer incompetence. This one was supposed to go up in September but Servitor pressed the wrong button.

    So.. you get extra, as no doubt will Servitor when She finds out…

  5. Indeed. Even after a lifetime trying to forget.

    On the other hand, they do say life is about accumulating memories, don't they? So there's that.

    Best wishes


  6. On your knees, over her knees. Pretty soon it all seems to make little difference. The important thing is that there should be a shared understanding between the two partners – that and terror are the keys to a successful and occasionally happy marriage.

    Best wishes Squaw


  7. Some things are not up for discussion. Others must be discussed. And if you don't know which is which, you lack empathy which needs to be beaten into you. But who ever said life has to be fair?

    Best wishes


  8. A one heel stand? I just hope she doesn't overbalance and anyway she has got those platform shoes on again and I am sure they must weigh five pounds. She probably planned this when she made my lie on the kitchen floor beside the cupboards so she had some support. What she doesn't know (unless the Mistresses share notes) is that another Mistress who hadn't lost five pounds actually danced on my back. I was off work for six months. But we keep coming back for more.

  9. Yes.. things ratchet up quickly when Wife thinks I want to “discuss” things She thinks are settled. Eye contact is not as pleasant as it is here.

  10. Thank you, Melissa

    Ah yes, we keep coming back. Like an irritating rash that won't just go away, as my SO likes to joke. I'm sure Mistress will have helped you find some worthwhile activities so you didn't get too bored during the six months off work.

    Best wishes


  11. Very similar vibe here, SaraE, very similar. Quite often the reason for the misunderstanding is that my SO has forgotten to actually tell me that things were settled or indeed what the outcome was, but I always get to hear about it eventually, one way or another.

    Best wishes


  12. Thank you SaraE. Was there egging involved? Maybe you're seeing more in the caption than I do. I should do more egging captions, though, having actually been egged in session, then hosed down with cold water. Happy memories…

    Best wishes


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