Angels and devils

My SO hates being accused of cruelty – she’d rather be thanked for it.


Maybe Susie will call you – you know, to even the score?


It’s odd seeing your own cock, scaled up by 300%.  Odder still to feel it.




Honestly, does it really matter?  I mean, the script doesn’t specify exactly what it is, so it’s hardly going to affect the finished production.

 The lovely ladies of Cruella, of course.  Enjoying the balmy English summertime, there.


The needle looks a little scary, but really don’t worry: it’s nothing compared to the other stuff that’s planned.


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  1. I'm just going to say, there's a delicious thrill in that last caption – it builds well and there's a certain, what the French call… I don't know what the French call it. I like it. I mean, I always enjoy your work, but that one is just… yes.

  2. Honey, we need to talk! I have been thinking about you and my boyfriend, and I think you should become friends with him. Nothing naughty, just friends. For example, next Saturday he is having some mates round to watch the football match on the TV.

    I know you don't like football, so rough, but you do like to be helpful. You could serve them drinks and make some of your chocolate cake for them. You could all bond, you know? I know his friends are all macho guys, but they appreciate a pretty boy like you. You could wear your new blue dress, I could lend you a nice necklace….wouldn't that be great?

    Good boy?


  3. I don't know what the French call it either (and I live in France). If I ever find myself waking up strapped tightly to a gurney, looking up into the amused eyes of "une infirmière" as I am wheeled slowly down the corridor towards the dénouement that awaits, I'll be sure to ask her. Avec la plus grande politesse.

    Merci beaucoup pour cette sage commentaire, Joanna, et pour vos compliments graciouex.


  4. Alas, Ms Zoe, it's perfectly comfortable when it's only in the mind because a mind can be infinitely supple – but other parts of the body are usually less stretchy, I find.

    Best wishes


  5. Maybe a skimpy cheerleading outfit and a little routine at half-time? It's a bit American, but it would show him getting into the sporting element of the evening too.

    Let me know how it goes, anyway. My SO has a couple of boyfriends on a rugby team and although I've explained it's really not my thing, she seems certain they'd really enjoy having me in the clubhouse after a big match. So we'll see.

    Best wishes


  6. Thomas, Richard and Henry are round for the big football match on TV. I am enjoying their attention as my sissy husband comes in with cans of beer and snacks. I am wearing a short black skirt and white T shirt. My tanned legs on full display.

    Tom asks if I care that my sissy is dressed up as a US cheerleader, with a red skirt and a big number 7 on his chest.

    "No honey, he loves being helpful to real macho men. He also loves his outfit, with his white pantyhose."

    "Well, he really is cute. Join us for a beer, Sissy."

    "Sorry, he isn't allowed alcohol. It makes him go all silly, doesn't it sweetie?"

    "Yes ma'am. Oh the match is starting. Look."

    We all watched the match and I let Henry explain some of the rules, even though I know them already.
    Guys like us to be a bit dim where sports are concerned. I giggled and tried to repeat the offside rule, but I kept getting it wrong. I could see from Henry's trousers that he quite liked that.

    At half-time Sissy sang the "Teapot Song", "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Danny Boy." So funny.

    After the guys went home I went up to bed, leaving sissy to clear up and tidy the TV room.


  7. When Thomas and Henry left after the football match. Richard sat next to me, and whilst my sissy husband was busy clearing up, kissed me and explored my body with has hands.

    Sissy started to cry as he watched us but I told him off and sent him to bed with a warning that he will be caned tomorrow for his rudeness to my guest.

    Was I too harsh, dear Servitor? It was said as Richard touched my pussy with his large sausage fingers!


  8. Too harsh, Ms Zoe? Surely not. I'm afraid to say your sissy husband sounds a bit self-centred. Just thinking of himself – and after you had let him join in the fun for the football evening too! He needs to learn to think about others' needs more and the course of action you propose sounds properly educative.

    Best wishes


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