Correct me if I’m wrong…

 … or if I’m right, for that matter.

Another year, more of the same.  Here we go.

Three and a half men, then.

Some people have complicated femdom fantasies.  Others just have simple femdom realities.

Here – have you heard this one?  Why did the blonde in charge of the Sexist Detention Centre press the red button in her office?  To give all the inmates a series of agonising electric shocks!  OK, you might not think it funny but, believe me, she does.

She’s not really a believer in unisex fashion, you see.

Don’t get her wrong – she’s prepared to accept there’s plenty of room for improvement in the relationship.  Just not in anything she does.

0 thoughts on “Correct me if I’m wrong…”

  1. Three more guys have gained access to my wife's pussy last night. I wonder which man in town hasn't actually.

    Except me of course.

  2. Actually I just asked her if she would like me to make her bed now, seeing that the sheets are all crumpled and messed up. On my chores schedule, making the bed is when she gets up and again before she goes to bed but I thought she might like to have it done now. Wrong obviously but luckily she is so engrossed in her book that she probably (?) won't but an entry in the punishment book.

  3. Many thanks for your comment. Give your wife's pussy a stroke from me.

    (Joke copyright Mrs Slocombe, 1974, with apologies to everybody but especially those readers who are not British and over 55).

    Best wishes


  4. Sounds very frustrating for you. I know just what you mean. The other day, my SO insisted I spend two hours hand-washing her favourite pair of panties and then she only wore them for the first half hour or so of the dinner party, so it's hard to see the point.

    Still, if our sweethearts were always reasonable and fair it wouldn't be so femdom,would it, so I guess we have to take the rough with the… with the… well, anyway, you know what I mean.

    Best wishes


  5. But your Significant Other got them so wet and fragrant that they would have seemed like they had been on for at least a day on other Women. Are you sure it was your SO insisting you spend two hours or was it you who did that off your own bat. Femsup

  6. I think a lot of the dampness came from one of her guests who had arrived a little over-excited and couldn't quite wait for his turn, if you know what I mean, Femsup. But all scrubbed out in the end, and he had plenty to spare for her, so all's well that ends well.

    Best wishes


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