More Downton domination!  No one likes these, except me, but it’s my blog…. and I’ve never been one to let anyone else tell me what I can and can’t do… well, except when I pay people to do just that, obviously.

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  1. Quite so. But, you know, their menfolk had the empire to manage, so a home run along lines familiar from their boarding school days was just what they needed. A stiff upper lip and even stiffer rattan cane…

    Pip pip.


  2. Indeed, and I'm sure she holds the financial reigns over the empire, where his check goes directly into her account. Total control, and he better measure up..

  3. I am sure she does. I think this blog is in favour of both reigns and reins being as tight as possible.

    Best wishes


  4. Darling, you really must try to learn from your mistakes. You seem to just do as you please without recourse to remembering the last time you disobeyed me. You will remember that I specifically told you to ask cook if she could teach you how to make a Birthday cake for our daughter's (Regina) birthday next month.

    When I asked cook how you were getting on with the cake she didn't know anything about it. Now this is terribly upsetting and really annoying. Ring the bell, darling and we'll discuss this with cook in the room with us.

    ''Hurry, darling….''


  5. Now darling, that was a delicious cake you baked. Cook tells me you are a quick learner, especially as I gave her permission to cane you for disobedience, laziness or lack of attention to what she said. Regina was delighted too, so all is well, isn't it?

    No? Why babe? What is wrong?

    You had to kiss cook's stinky feet and worship her as she took cigarette breaks outside the kitchen?
    Why is that a problem, she may be a servant and worker for me but she is a woman and as you are much lower than her in the 'pecking order' (I think that is the correct term) you need to worship her as such.

    Now, come here babe and cuddle me. There, there, you are a silly one, aren't you?

    Sissy boys are silly.


  6. I'm sure Cook does a fine job but it's important not to allow the staff to put on any airs and graces, Ms Zoe. I heard that at Lady Fotheringham's place down in Devonshire, the housemaids had discovered her husband's predilections and had him doing all of her work, during the week when she was up in London. It had been going on for several months before she found out and appointed a housekeeper capable of keeping maids and husband in order.

    Best wishes


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