“the fact or quality of being easily handled, managed, or led; meek and unquestioning obedience or compliance”



Obviously.  Let’s hope Jennie’s getting better at it, now she’s onto her fourth try.



It’s one of those logical impossibilities – you know, like ‘a man saying “all men are lying, cheating bastards'”.  Male philosophers used to debate these things endlessly, but I understand they are kept busy with more important, practical tasks these days.




I don’t think he objects to being inside the couch, it’s more that he was expecting to be alone in there.




Mrs Elton’s a good neighbour, anyway – happy to pop round and help out whenever your wife needs a hand.



Topping from the bottom can take many forms – all equally objectionable.  When my SO plays with me, for instance, there’s often a very fine line between “pleading frantically for mercy through the screams”  – which she enjoys – and “expressing an opinion on when she should stop hitting me”, which she dislikes intensely.

This is the lovely Vinyl Queen, who is in the lucky position of never having experienced the unpleasantness that is Servitor in session and is relatively unlikely to move to Edinburgh, being based as she is in San Francisco.  Her other interest is gardening.





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  1. Honey we need to talk. I told you I want you to look into the cost of a castration operation for you. Now it has been a month and you still haven't done it. Can you explain, please?

    Ok, so let me get this right. You are against being castrated so you don't want to know the cost, is that right? So you are defying a reasonable and direct order, even though you know I will not be happy about it? I told you I have not made up my mind about it because there may be unintended consequences. My sister told me it may lessen your ability to lick me to an orgasm. That would be annoying, but she says it would make you more agreeable and girlie.

    I think that is a reasonable outcome. I think we'll go ahead. I see from this website of the local clinic it is only $5000….cheaper than I thought.

    Honestly babe, you can't not be obedient because you don't like what is being asked. That is ridiculous. Now I did check prices myself and at the moment it is too expensive, but I will have enough spare cash next month.

    By the way I have booked for a pre-op assessment on Tuesday at the clinic at 2.00 pm. I'll take you and be with you as I want to know the options. So, that is good isn't it?

    Now fetch the cane. I want to let you know what happens when you are disobedient.


  2. So does my SO. She loves philosophical conumdrums too – such as "If a slave cries all night tied to a tree in the forest and there's no one to hear him or care, does he make a sound?" Unlike male philosophers, she's actually tested the proposition in practice, although obviously the experiment needs to be repeated many times, to have any scientific validity.

    Best wishes


  3. Perhaps he just hasn't got a head for figures, Ms Zoe? I know I don't. I've heard anyway that the cost of medical procedures like that is complicated, with lots of hidden charges for 'extras' they try to hit you with, like 'anaesthetic'. I know it's yet another burden – but really, you're probably best off just sorting it out for him. If he's got any sense, he'll thank you for it.

    Best wishes


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