It feels so wrong it must be right


You’d thing she’d at least bother to write a fresh one, instead of bringing out the same piece of paper every time.  This is how marriages go stale, you know.




They’re probably thinking that with so many slaves to deal with simultaneously, it won’t be so bad for any one of them.  They’d be wrong about that, but it’s a comforting thought while they wait.



If she has to say no, you have to wait.  Or even if she doesn’t have to, but wants to anyway.




It’s good she’s stepping in to help with the scheduling.  My SO sometimes says she despairs of finding enough time for all of the punishment that I deserve, but somehow she always manages, bless her.



She’s actually done quite a few things that – when he finds out about them – he will consider to be very easy to criticise.  But he won’t be permitted to do so.


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  1. Babe we need to talk. Next weekend is our wedding anniversary, 3 great years. I must say I have been quite pleased. You are obedient and happy and you have hardly been punished since the last anniversary. Well done!

    I was so pleased when you asked James how you can serve him better. It shows you recognize your place. James was a bit surprised but he's getting used to you trying to please him too.

    So carry on! Pardon? Well nothing is happening on our anniversary, why would it?

    Now be extra nice to James tonight, he's had an awful day, honey.


  2. Darling I've asked you up here so that we can talk whilst I put on my make up and get ready for my date. Is James here? Oh he is downstairs, ok. Now come and sit on the floor whilst I fix my eye liner. This stuff is so expensive, do you like it? Oh good, it is nice and dark.

    Oh yes I wanted to tell you that me and James are going away this week-end to the Cotswolds. We are staying at Annabelle's house for a few days. Sorry? no we don't need you darling, Annabelle has her own sissy husband to look after us. Now the question is all our usual cucksitters are busy so I have hired someone from an agency. Oh don't panic babe she has good references and all the usual checks. Her name is Mai Lee and she is Korean. Very pretty, I interviewed her yesterday and she is great. Very used to men and used to early bedtime and she has agreed to read you a story….so that's good ok?

    I meant to say thanks for being sensitive to James last night after his bad day. I think he had a tight deadline which he nearly missed. It helped that you were so obedient and good to him and rubbed his feet and cleaned his ahoes….well done.

    Do you like this lippy? It's a favourite of James. Now what dress shall I wear…you choose?

    Aww you like that red dress don't you. It's a bit old now babe, choose another…either of the black ones will be good. That one? Are you sure, no I prefer the shorter one. Now choose the heels to go with it. Oh babe don't be silly they are work shoes…choose babe, hurry. Yes, good boy but I thought you liked me in my gold strappy ones. Can you pass them to me?

    Ok….go and tell James I will be down in amoment. Remember no silly boy chat , no football or cars.

    Good boy, well done.


  3. Many couples don't properly celebrate their anniversaries, Miss Zoe, so it's lovely to see you putting your sissy maid to work to make it really special.

    Best wishes


  4. Good as well to see a couple who share so many interests: clothes, make-up, James…

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


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