Night terrors


They don’t.  I can vouch for that personally (but you cannot check for yourself, alas, because the lovely Lady Sophia Black appears to have retired).

Yes, that would be instructive.  Plus, they’ll need someone to clean up all the mess when they’ve finished with him.



Thank goodness for the wise motherly advice. There’s a reason her parents stayed together all their lives, you know.




She’s particularly good at the “laughing and joking to show it’s all consensual” bit at the start.  She practices for hours to make it sound convincing.  And she has very high standards, so make sure you learn your lines perfectly.

 This is the sweet and playful Madame Sarka, who appears not to be retired, so any readers looking for a gentle introduction to the world of female-led roleplay might want to try looking her up.  Be polite.  Very polite.



Easier said than done, alas, so I’m just going to keep masturbating to pictures of sexy actresses and singers, if that’s OK, Billie.

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  1. Very wise advice, there, Femsup, very wise indeed. It reminds me of "don't start a land war in Asia", the point of the aphorism being that the consequences would be very unpleasant – possibly almost as unpleasant as pissing off Madame Sarka.

    Incidentally: that sarky/Sarka juxtaposition – would you be making fun of her name, by any chance, Femsup?

    Best wishes – you might need them


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