Agonising and ecstasising

Silly headline, sweet little song,* content is essentially unrelated.



It only gets sadder from here on in, Ma’am.  You don’t mind if I call you Ma’am, I hope?  Ma’am.





She can wait.  Hours, days, weeks.  Whatever it takes.  And you’re not going anywhere, obviously.




Maybe I’m just trying to demonstrate that I’m not one of those guys who just thinks about his penis the whole time, you know?





It’s cheaper than domme session rates, but only slightly – and much more intense.





Don’t ask her about the bad experience.  She’s been able to move on.







* But not as sweet as the one from Butterflies.

0 thoughts on “Agonising and ecstasising”

  1. There's still time to make some more convincing baubles of things more spherical. Great stuff and liked the 30 days thing and all the asides. I hope you get the jab soon we wouldn't want to lose you. Femsup

  2. No danger of losing me, Femsup, I've been micro-chipped and anyway, I'm rarely allowed to wander free. As for the jab… well, my SO has promised that this is going to be a year when she devotes a lot of time to arranging for people to stick needles into me, so it sounds like that's covered too.

    Look after yourself.

    Best wishes


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