Good authority

Actually, she found him quite easily.  She’s clever like that.




Hmmm… well, I suppose it makes a change from having to deal with uncomfortably large things.




I think your educational prospects just became a lot brighter.  No one forgets a really committed teacher.

They have separate resuscitation practice sessions, but they do that inside with the volunteer strapped to a table.  One of the girls is ex-military and has done some waterboarding, so it’s all very safe.

Remember: professional submission is not prostitution.  He should consider himself more as a therapist, helping clients deal with feelings of anger.

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  1. I always thought she looked British and her gear and that wall make her look even more so. Are they making a film about her going back in time to when servitor was a boy and he is awed by such an astonishing vision that it controls his life from then on? Femsup

  2. The image definitely has a 1950s/1960s British movie vibe. It seems odd that there should have been so much history before 1982, people living out their entire lives in a world without Anne. As if the whole universe were just marking time, really. But we go there in the end.

    Best wishes


  3. Thank you Lidia from Michigan. It's not a huge theme for me, but I guess it features from time to time. I've only really tried breath play once, with the wonderful Mistress Eleise de Lacy. It was just a hand over mouth thing and I really didn't like the feeling, but I loved the way she held me down as I panicked. She's soooo strong!

    Anyway, there will be others occasionally, so I hope to see you here again.

    Best wishes


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