So much Rule 18

 Rule 18, for those of you not familiar with this blog, advises dommes to “Try to avoid sessions with clients who have really specific fetishes and can’t get off unless it is done exactly right.”   Obviously, being directed at (or ‘humbly proffered to’) dommes, it is more what you’d call a ‘guideline’ than an actual rule*.  Nonetheless, it seems to me a useful principle and as I wank work my way around the Internet I am forcibly struck by how very often it is flouted**.

Consider the following, for example:


He’s been banned from every Michelin dealership in Southern England.




They have to be mainly yellow, but not plain yellow.  Tricky, unless you know where to get them.  You’ve got to admit, though: done correctly, it’s startlingly erotic.



“Where oh where can that naughty slave of mine have got to? Is he under this table?  No!  Is he hiding behind the ceramic pot?  No!  Hmmm… I can’t seem to find him anywhere.  Heeheehee!  Wait…did I hear someone giggle?   I don’t suppose he could be… inside the zebra, could he?  Could he? Yes!  Yes he could!




That’s a French ship of the line, probably a 74-gunner.  But the rigging’s all wrong – a shame after she went to so much effort with everything else, but that’s why we have Rule 18, right?




The worst of it is: this outfit is not the Rule 18 fetish.  It’s what she has to wear to perform the Rule 18 fetish safely.  Not for the faint-hearted domme.***


Don’t even ask.  Possibly the worst Rule 18 violation yet – that’s all I’m saying.



* So why did I call it ‘Rule 18’ you might ask?  It’s a good question and I will explain some time.****

** Yes: ‘flouted’ not ‘flaunted’, which would mean essentially the opposite in this context.  Editor Domme may be gone but standards must be maintained. 

*** I’ll admit I haven’t met many of those.  None at all, in fact.

**** Were you expecting a footnote referring to Pirates of the Caribbean, perhaps?

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