Despotic imagery

Wow.  My personal best is two and a half. Admittedly, I’ve only tried once.

Swings and roundabouts…

I expect there’ll be laughter and tears as well, to come.

Technically speaking, he’s actually the Right Honourable Pookie, QC.  But he doesn’t stand on ceremony, as you can probably tell.*

She’s always taken an interest in young, struggling actors.

* No, this is a different Pookie.

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  1. honey, I know I promised. But a lady can change her mind. I just don't have time this week to get the key and unlock you for an hour. I'm far too busy with my job online. Go and take a shower it will take your mind off it. Now don't be all pouty you know I 'll only extand the time if you go silly like that.

    When? When what honey? Oh I don't know, probably mid January I'll consider your behaviour and work rate and then I'll decide about mid February….probably.


  2. Now darling you need to say sorry to Rauol for annoying him. Now when you see the doctor you must say it was an accident and you fell on your back causing severe bruising, no nee to say you were caned by your superior. You must remember he doesn't follow the Netball League so he doesn't know your team nearly won the cup. He just is not into girlie games like you are.

    Then you tried to talk to him about how I let you kiss my feet after work. You know he hates the thought of you being intimate with me. I explained that it was only my boots you kissed and I wouldn't let you touch anything else. Oh he doesn't seem to mind you licking my bottom, he seems to think that is just funny….especially after I've just been to the toilet.

    Just be nic to him ok? Call him sir and try not to annoy him.

    Oh, he's coming out of the shower.


  3. Thank you for sharing that, Ms Zoe. I'm sure you make time to give him the personal attention he needs, when it's important to do so. Men get upset over such little, trivial things though.

    Best wishes


  4. Thank you again, Ms Zoe. Yes, Raoul can be quite jealous. One evening he started raving and shouting about how if he was my SO's only sex partner why she still needed my key? Eventually she had to cut the key in half and superglue up the padlock, just to calm him down! I was a bit upset about that and tried to have a word with her the next day, but she just said "Oh sweetie, you're not about to get all unreasonable too, are you?".

    She was quite right of course – I've had a lot of time to think about it since (three years, two hundred and eleven days, to be exact) and now I just feel embarrassed about making such a fuss. Time heals all wounds, as they say.

    Best wishes


  5. Sign me up for the Me Too movement. But after giving him that ferocious whipping the most realistic the Woman director said though how She knows they had to do it all over again? Why? No rubber in Ancient Rome just the the rawhide from a a number of bulls pizzles. And only two takes for that. They did use the early scenes where he was almost pristine and hope those looking for continuity and bloopers don't spot it. By the way the continuity Woman loved working with that piece of film.

  6. Actually, Femsup, it's not the 'Me Too' movement in this case, but the 'You Too – yes you, you little bastard' movement, which has a less catchy name and a more direct approach to dealing with male arrogance.

    Don't worry about the continuity – there's plenty of extras and it's a lot cheaper just filming the same whipping again and again from different angles than going to all the trouble and expense of using mutiple cameras. Anne got her way – of course – and I think it just exemplifies her dedication that the two and a half minutes of whipping that you can see in the final movie actually represent the edited product of almost three hours of footage.

    Good to see you back here, Femsup. Now get on with your chores, or she'll be cross.

    Best wishes


    PS – Best not to mention whips made from bulls' pizzles. Wouldn't want Raoul to start fretting.

  7. Her dedication to her art is extraordinary. And so thoughtful about the possible extravagance of the budget. The way she curls her lips in disgust at some points and at others the exuberance of realising that her character has transcended bounds falsely placed upon a vengeful Woman. Femsup

  8. Like many good people she doesn't ask anything of others that she would not ask of herself. She therefore demands perfection, at all times and in all ways.

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