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  1. I had decided to multitask and so I was thrashing Max as a Discipline punishment whilst at the same time catching up with my friend Katy, as she has a new man and I wanted to know all about it, like how they met and so on.

    Max is in the punishment position over a high stool in the kitchen. Katy is drinking her coffee and chatting. I am in my tight leggings, I have taken my blouse off to give me more room to swing the tawse.

    ''So, Zoe what did Max do to deserve the tawse?''

    Thwak !!! Sorry goddess….owww !!!

    ''Nothing, this is a regular discipline punishment. He has actually been a good boy lately. He just needs reminding, is all.''

    Thwak !!! Sorry goddess….owww !!!

    ''I notice he isn't counting the strokes, is that ok?''

    ''No, it isn't. The little sod. Right Max we start from one. Count and thank, ok? Good boy.''

    Thwak !!! One. Thank you Goddess. Sorry goddess….owww !!!

    ''So what is your new boyfriends name, where did you meet, when do I get to meet him? Don'y hold anything back.''

    Thwak !!! Two. Sorry goddess. Thank you , goddess…owww !!!

    ''Well, let me think. His name is Adrian and we met at work. I am his mentor and named female. He reports to me and I control him. Well, one day we were chatting about his general performance (very good. He is an excellent Intern Slave). I decided I would like to get to know him better. He is hot, hot hot. So I asked him out. We went for a Chinese and haven't looked back.''

    Thwak !!! Three. Sorry goddess. Thank you , goddess…owww !!!

    ''Sounds great Katy. Look at this sissy, crying after just three hits. Head up boy. I want to hear real gratitude. I'm not above starting again.
    Thwak !!! Four. Sorry goddess. Thank you , goddess…owww !!!

    ''I think he is a brave boy. Anyway Adrian might be joining my team as apaid employee. He is that good. Before you ask, yes we have had sex together, several times. I have even met his mommy. She is sweet, I like her.''

    ''Stop crying. You are showing me up. Head up, boy.''

    Thwak !!! Five. Sorry goddess. Thank you , goddess…owww !!!

    ''So, when will I meet him. How about coming for supper on Saturday, I'll get Max to do some Thai Curry?''

    ''Are you sure, that would be so great. I love Max's cooking?''

    Thwak !!! Six. Sorry goddess. Thank you , goddess…owww !!!

    ''Right Max, what do you say?''

    ''Oh most high goddess, thank you for disciplining me and reminding me of my place in the universe. Thank you, most beautiful goddess, most high and mighty goddess, most fragrant and kind goddess. Please forgive my crying, ma'am. Thank you goddess Katy for watching and talking so graciously to my goddess and owner.''

    ''Ok, Max. Worship Katy's feet.''

    ''Oh, that is nice, Maxie baby. Good boy.''

    ''I'll just go and get a shower, then we can get Max to prepare supper. You can stay I hope?''

    'Yes, thanks so much, I haven't got anything planned for tonight. Good boy, Max. Be gentle with my toes. He recovers quickly doesn't he?''

    ''Yes, that is why I don't take any notice of his whining. I do a disciplinary about once every two months. Just a reminder.''


  2. And this comment was more than two years after the post or "14 disciplinaries" as Max probably counts the time.

    My SO used to claim that a regular maintenance beating would actually save me pain in the long run, by reminding me of my place and teaching me good manners and obedience. Oddly, the frequency of the maintenance beatings has had to increase over the years, which suggests they're not working well. She must be so disappointed in me, but she hates to give up on something that she's set her mind on.

    Best wishes


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