Sweetly unreasonable

How very convenient.



‘Not tonight, I’ve got a headache’?  No?




Living a truly female-led life can involve lots of difficult choices, so it’s good there’s someone else there to make them.

Look at what?  Whatever is she talking about? Do you know?  I have no idea, none at all.



Pitiful, most likely.  I usually am.


Here’s a random and rather lovely thing, by the way.  Who needs boys, anyway?

#anne hathaway from these empty halls held our disease.

0 thoughts on “Sweetly unreasonable”

  1. Oh what a lovely picture of that dominant pixie. I think she is hugging her lover whilst she waters a mans mouth whilst someone attends to her whilst living up the back of her skirt. Not the black shape at right possibly of a male in a sack. Femsup

  2. Although she is assuredly a dominant pixie, I have heard she prefers to call that hairstyle a 'boy cut'. I don't know why. Maybe she just likes the sound of the words.

    Best wishes


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