Ladies First

It is.  We so easily lose sight of what’s really important in this world.

Ah… the Police.  They never do anything, do they?  You know, a few weeks ago I filed a detailed report about how I had been kidnapped by five young blonde lesbians and they put a collar and chain on me, then dressed me in a frilly maid’s dress and made me lick their boots clean, while they kissed and cuddled each other wearing various latex and leather outfits – and do you know what? The Police said they thought I’d made it all up!

No rush.  You’re not going anywhere.

Many men who’ve been on the course say it was a life-changing, eye-opening experience.  They’re all very, very grateful.

Not too much, mind.  Don’t want to make it too easy.

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  1. I hope its past the start of the label or its going to be quite some ask. She should establish the rules first.

    Just shows you how at the individual level at work Women can eradicate unhelpful and stupid patriarchal attitudes. It can stop the male having to go to a male re education centre and all the staff involved in teaching him the error of his ways. He would have plenty of examples of Women in positions of power and authority over him there. Femsup

  2. I was wondering where the "castration " tag was, but on second thought I guess Mr. Lane probably wasn't castrated.

  3. No one actually asked, as such…but she's certanly thoroughly in favour of establishing rules: so I'll suggest that, the next time they have a girls' night in.

    Absolutely right about the workplace, too. Those male re-education centres teach you nothing you can't learn much more effectively on the job, so to speak.

    Best wishes


  4. Yeah, Mr A, see it's a little thing called the presumption of innocence. Sure, there's a pair of testicles missing and Ms Reynolds has some blood on her clothes – but she's carrying some very sharp scalpels, so it's perfectly plausible she accidentally nicked herself, right? She gets the benefit of the doubt, anyway, like any female suspect, or we can hardly call ourselves civilised.

    Of course, if there is evidence she committed a crime, the police will act swiftly and decisively and Ms Reynolds could be facing a very serious fine.

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