Thankful for small cruelties

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of setting up dedicated disciplinary departments.  Of course, any good manager knows that she should try to deal with performance issues in person whenever possible, but there’s only so many hours in the day.
There’s an honesty about femdom that’s sometimes lacking in other areas of professional sex work, I believe.

So we did.

I went to a financial advisor and explained to her how exciting I found financial domination and she said I should seek professional help.  Which is exactly what I was doing… very confusing.  So I explained that I wanted her to take all my money with no explanation and never give me anything in return – and it was her turn to look confused, because apparently that’s exactly what she does, as an independent financial advisor.

I get a bit fed up with being asked that.  Why do professional ladies assume I’m into SPH?  It’s the first question every doctor I’ve ever had has asked me, for instance.

The lovely Miss Zoe, of course.  Another lady who has suffered the misfortune of having to put the actual real-life Servitor across her knee… but she has preserved her sanity intact.  Apparently you can confess to her here.  Be truthful, now.

0 thoughts on “Thankful for small cruelties”

  1. Thank You, Servitor! Any good manager know that any business should be handled by professionals. Punishments too. And sometimes good managers. As a hobby. For soul.

  2. We've had a report of infraction I-2. Will… servitor please report to room 5A for immediate castration?

  3. Oh, it's just business. She takes no pleasure in having her co-workers caned. Her playroom at home is more themed around genital torture: electrics, clamps, nettles… that kind of thing.

  4. Disciplinary Departments are so useful though. What Woman wants to be constantly supervising her male underlings and continually beating them. Well not all of them surely. The chance to beat and control and humiliate males should be used as incentive to good work and high morale. For the Women. And for the men. The beatings continue till morale improves. Femsup

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