I hold these truths to be self-evident

That all women are created equal, and that men are all equally useless.  I’m certainly looking forward to voting for Female Supremacist candidates… I’d really rather not bother my little head about it, but apparently if they’re successful, I won’t have to vote again, which is a relief.

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  1. And there will be lots of Women wanting to work. With lots of implements like whips,tags,chastity devices and handcuffs paid for either by the state, employers or the male workers themselves . Femsup

  2. Madam Hathaway, on behalf of the New York Times:

    Do you have any comment regarding the recent allegations that your party's recent rise in popularity may be linked to the trend of unsolved castrations on the West Coast?

  3. Yes, and that kind of dedication to duty is what really distinguishes women from men and shows why it's important for them to be in charge. Take the lady supervising the road gang, for example. She's going to put in a full five hour shift, whipping them and shouting at them, before handing them over to her colleague for their second five hours. But then she'll go home and whip and shout at her husband to keep him up to scratch in his domestic duties too! A woman's work is never done, so they say.

  4. Splendid. Although I've heard that the male authorities in your country do take a slightly dim view of voting for other people. Still a matriarchal Rusia would be… different.

    And the best thing is, you only need to vote for them once and then you'll never have to be bothered with all that politics nonsense again.

    Best wishes


  5. Hathaway: "I think your readers will already understand perfectly well that that's a contemptible political slur, whipped up on social media by our opponents. There's just no comparison between the sort of criminal behaviour that you've described and safe, well-regulated medical procedures carried out in dedicated facilities by medically-qualified staff, following a proper legal process. The word 'castration' has all sorts of negative connotations right now and I hope we can change people's minds on that."

    The Leader's response was rather undermined by one of the congressional candidates on the more radical wing of her party who, asked the same question, merely shrugged and replied "Girls will be girls". But the party leadership moved rapidly to disown that comment, pointing out that she represents a vibrant but small minority of opinion within the Femsuprem movement.

  6. Girls may be Girls but boys won't be boys for much longer if that future Congress Woman has Her way.The Femsuorem party is a broad church and some worship at a castrating Goddess.

  7. She is right as always. If castration is couched in terms of male egression management then things look different. Castration is an emotive word. Femsup

  8. Oh, now I'm not sure I can go along with that. A boy is still a boy even when castrated. Or can be – it depends how he (or she or it) is treated, which will depend on the case. But surely one of the reasons why there is such resistance to perfectly sensible medical approaches to dealing with male sexual misbehaviour is this belief that a man's identity depends on him having testicles. Some men talk as if castration is the end of their life as a man – when in many ways, it is better to think of it as an opportunity for a new beginning, you know?

  9. My SO likes to manage my egression and my ingression too. That's why I am not allowed to have a key to the front door – or to the chain connecting me to my kennel.

  10. Wonder highlight of a typo error. Ingression of certain liquids and solids are also mandated.Femsup

  11. Very good. I just wish Imagefap had a different name – although admittedly it is very directly descriptive of the content.

  12. The first definitely presents an intriguing idea in the form of men as willing non-voting members of the Femsuprem Party. I'm picturing an all-male chapter of the party, the first woman who joined that chapter would have complete control of all of them. A woman who doesn't actually believe in female supremacy but is fine with taking advantage of the power this group of dumbasses has ceded her. When they're serving her and servicing her they're all dead serious about it but she thinks it's a crackpot idea and is just laughing at them behind their backs.

    I do have to ask, though: why is Taylor Swift speaking British English?

  13. Yes, I adore the idea of the ladies involved laughing at the earnest perverts. But then, I'm a humiliation freak… when I visit pro-dommes, I'd be absolutely fine with the idea that they find the whole thing quite laughable rather than in any way erotic. As my captions often demonstrate.

    Mmmm… Taylor Swift, well, she's obviously multi-talented and capable of expressing herself in many different dialects, I suppose. Women can do that, y'know. Unlike the bloke wot writes this blog, guv, nowarra mean? Blimey, I dunno, a bloke can only do his best yer know. Maybe it's becorse I'm a Lundunner…

    Best wishes (cheers, mate!)


  14. Well, in your case it shouldn't be hard to find women who'll laugh at you.

    If I had a Femsuprem chapter under my control I think I'd run some experiments on them to find out the basis of their view/kink. Have them service transgendered people, see whether they more readily worship girlcock or mancunt.

    The Anglicism I noted, incidentally, was "in future"; in America we say "in the future."

  15. Ah, I didn't know that. But then there are many things I don't know, being ignorant, stupid and lazy as my SO loves to point out. I shall be sure to try to build that phrase in, in the future, rigorous accuracy being one of the hallmarks of this blog, as I am sure you know.

    Many thanks for your continued commenting – which was particularly apposite, as here we are talking in August 2019. Back in the future, in 2022, the blog's still going… well, I wouldn't say 'strong' but the blog's still going.

    Best wishes


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