Back to reality

… well, the loose approximation of it represented by this blog, anyway.

The holiday, since you ask, was fantastic.  It was in one of those picture-perfect resorts, you know, with the palm trees coming down to the powdery sand sloping down to a turquoise lagoon.  But not at all crowded – it’s a private beach belonging to the hotel and at the prices I was paying, I can tell you, there’d just better be some serious privacy!  And the hotel was as spectacular as the price implied: the rooms, the food, the pool… made a lot of new friends too, apparently.

What do you mean, ‘how do I know’?  She sent me a postcard, of course.  I mean, I didn’t actually see it until after my release because the kennels don’t allow postal deliveries, but I expect she didn’t know that and it was a very kind thought.  She was having so much fun, she hadn’t even put enough postage on it, the silly thing!  Had to come out of my pocket money.  I’d been saving for.. well, I mustn’t complain.

Another year, another… maybe 550 or so captioned images? It hardly bears thinking about, does it?  Better get on…

Stick-fetching is one of those things that sensible husbands quickly learn is not really up for discussion.
You know, I think she might be about to confess her life-long fantasy of making love to a short, slightly overweight guy wearing a frilly french maid outfit.  Give her time.
It’s a shame they can’t both win.
Damn.  That was going well.

It’s awful wearing a chastity belt on a beach – sands gets in, apparently. Not that I’d know.  Sensible concrete floors, that’s what we had in the kennels.  Fresh straw on Thursdays.

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  1. Now we are married I don't expect to have to explain myself. I told you I was too busy last month to let you out of your chastity belt and this Friday I am going away for a long week-end so wont have time. I am sorry, honey, I know it is upsetting for you but that's just the way it is. Now get on with your chores or I'll have to punish you again. Sorry? No I'm not seeing Simon this week-end, I'm going to my sisters place in the country for a few days. Yes you have been a good boy and yes you do I suppose deserve time out of your chastity but we agreed it will always be a Friday….and I'm so often busy on a Friday. What? No it can't be any other day because it has always been a tradition in my family that Friday is the day a slave's week is reviewed and so that is the day any treats are allowed or punishments administered. You remember my daddy was always a good boy around Fridays as he knew that is when mummy allowed him time out of his chastity…neat tradition, huh? Honey, go do chores, do I need to explain everything?


  2. "It's awful wearing a chastity belt on a beach – sands gets in, apparently. "

    I think Mrs Edge intentionally kicks sand into the lock so she doesn't have to make excuses about the key not working. Not that she even tries, because she lost it years ago…

  3. My SO certainly doesn't need to explain everything… and yet she does. Usually in excrutiating detail. I guess it's a Mars/Venus thing.

    Many thanks, as ever, for your comments.


  4. Thank you, Alex. Katorga sounds like a lot of fun. What an inventive people the Russians are to be sure.

    Best wishes


  5. The fetching the stick “game” is awesome! Perfectly humiliating.. tho probably not as much as the punishment for balking when other people are watching. So much for male pride!

    Ha on having a hot girl notice your chastity cage lines through your wet bathing suit. And better is her asking if that’s your key holder calling you in!’ SaraE

  6. I don't mind playing "fetch" – it's certainly a lot easier than being beaten, which is usually the alternative – but I do wish the stick wouldn't 'accidentally' fly into the pond, quite so often.

    Best wishes


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