As specks of dust we’re universal

I love this song. It’s got nothing at all to do with femdom, except in the sense that obviously no male could ever write something so great (unless inspired by a muse, I suppose).  So: SFW warning if you click the link, yeah?

Right. On with the poppycock.

Or don’t be brave. To be honest, Trudy doesn’t really mind either way.
Always a bit dull listening to someone describing their dream, isn’t it?  Still: better humour her.  Don’t want to be whipped.

I wish she didn’t have to as well.  So why does she?
After a session with a domme I’d been seeing for a while, I asked what she really thought of me, but she just laughed and told me to fuck off and book a humiliation session.  I guess she must have mis-heard.
She’s not really looking to discuss this, by the way. She’s just sharing how she feels – it’s a Mars/Venus thing, yeah guys?  Just go with it.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant the dream one. And males really should try to communicate better. We are always being told so. He could have wriggled his eyebrows whilst he swallowed if he couldn't move his arms. I am sure She would have recognised it. Femsup

  2. Me fucking my wife and Pete doing her ironing? How she could have believed it was real? Come on, it's so unrealistic…

    Anyway, I'm glad she has escaped this nightmare, never mind for my release, after all Pete deserves to cum more than me. The poor guy is addicted to cumming, he can't live one day without cumming, meanwhile i'm used to be chaste by now, so one or two (or three) weeks more, no big deal : )

  3. what a scary dream – more like a nightmare for her – ruined dresses, the laundry not done, imagine ridding such a little nub and not feeling anything…. poor woman, and to think she could have given him an orgasm that way too
    lol – brilliant femdom – thank you – more please 🙂

  4. Thank you, Femsup. I am sure she would. By own SO is really good at recognoising when I'm really uncomfortable with the play, even when I can't say anything. She notices every single time. It's a woman thing.

  5. Yeah, that's what I always say. I mean, it hardly matters which precise month it is you receive your orgasm, does it? An orgasm's an orgasm, whenever it happens.

    Thank you for your comment. Kind of your wife to let you go on the Internet when she's busy with other things.

  6. I know. She woke up quite shocked, and she'll probably be on edge all day. Better be quite careful all those chores are done perfectly… you know what she's like, on days like that.

    More is on the way. At the rate of 10 captions a week.

    Many thanks


  7. Well, we have to be quite careful all the chores are done perfectly all the days, nightmares or not, so there is no difference lol

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