Painful conversations

They have a 97% record of safe deliveries, so there’s actually very little to worry about, as long as you’ve been a good husband.

And I’m sure Herbert’s is not a cock he’d like suck either!  So why on earth are they doing it?  Men are odd.

If you’re thinking of trying this, be careful, OK?  Those chastity inspectors are no joke.  She could lose her keyholder licence and you could lose your… well anyway, just be careful, yeah?
Actually, that’s not quite true. She loves her job, but she’d rather be doing ear, nose and throat surgery. That’s where her real interest lies, but apparently you have to do a stint in every department before you can specialise.

Hmm.  It’s tricky, isn’t it?

5 thoughts on “Painful conversations”

  1. My wife is a chastity inspector. She brings back such funny stories from work.

    Some men nowadays think they have nothing to lose… how wrong they are!

  2. Yes, but I don't go. Some of the other husbands can be awfully catty.

    By the way, they're up to a Neosteel 4000 now. I'm not too fond of the iris blades in the device, but better safe than sorry, right?

  3. Last caption: Not a difficult choice at all, me thinks. He knows better than to be spreading such filthy propaganda about “mens rights” or “sexual liberation”. He can be stupid, get cut off from her wealth and protection, and end up in a facility for stray males, or he can take his beating like a male with common sense, learn from his mistake, and never even contemplate reading ANY other material other than that of the divine feminine.

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