0 thoughts on “Turning points again and again”

  1. who would put football before housework?

    and the last one is great for a boy who grew up in awe of June Cleaver and Lucille Ball in re runs!

  2. True, except there was then the usual media storm about whether it was a staged event or not. I don't know how the world can deal with all of these fake news controversies. One rule of thumb I apply that helps, even if it doesn't always solve the problem completely, is to assume that women are always right (while men are lying, weasly and incompetent morons). It doesn't solve all disputes but it goes a long way. Did you see all the fuss about the confrontation on the Washington Mall last week? Not a female in sight, which is probably why everything got so out of hand, with bad behaviour on all sides. The solution is staring us in the face – well, appearing in great movies such as Interstellar or Colossal – if we could only go out and vote for her.

  3. I expect you collected those bubblegum cards – you know, the ones showing pictures of cleaning appliances and providing ironing tips for tricky pleats and ruffles? I did. S

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