What a piece of work is woman

Hmm… well, I’ll give it a go, I suppose.  She needs to stop buying me so many books, though.  I still haven’t finished The Joy of Ironing and I haven’t even started Getting to “Yes Ma’am”

Men can be stupid like that.

Not seeing a breathing tube… she needs to think about her safety standards.  Burial play is a lot of fun, especialy on the beach where the tides give it that extra edge, but you need to play safe.

She likes simple things.  That’s why she keeps you around.

I’m sure their scientists have a lot to teach us.

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  1. There are not other interests if the previous book was about castration! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Actually, the story nearly had an unhappy ending, as the males in the human capsule turned out to be so stupid that the aliens decided it had been sent as a deliberate insult. There was a rather one-sided war but fortunately it was over quickly before many humans were hurt and the only downside for Earth was having to pay a tribute of one male in five, to the Galactic Matriarchy. All the women on Earth got to vote, and most male politicians, buisness leaders and similar were sent off to the transporters and shipped off to lead more useful – if shorter – lives elsewhere. Good riddence, I say.

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