0 thoughts on “The game is a foot”

  1. There is a lot of "he ejaculated furiously" and that sort of thing. I expect Watson will not be doing much of that either verbally or penilely as he is locked in a Victorian/Edwardian chastity belt. Femsup. Welcome back.

  2. Very nice, Servitor!
    – I can distinguish hundred tastes of ashes
    – But… How, Holmes?!
    – Kh-kh-kh… You see Watson, Ms Adler has defined my position as…

  3. Yes, indeed. It's good to be back. I personally have never ejaculated furiously, but I was Raoul did once, when my SO was not in the mood for sex and a very interesting experience it was. He has anger management issues but he's developed coping mechanisms so that no harm is done to anyone that matters.

    How's your life? Miserable and oppressed, I hope?


  4. He can tell the difference between over three hundred different brands of soap, too. Amazing, Holmes.

    I might do a few more in this vein, until the estate of Conan Doyle come and drag me off for copyright violation.



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