The other was me and I’m a boy

Never quite sure what The Who were complaining about in that song. Looks to me like an idyllic childhood.

You can earn free hair grips and stuff when you spend money too – pretty cool, huh?

She tries so hard… but usually fails.
That’s a bit unfair.  I once told my SO that I could do any job a woman can do, so she arranged an internshp at a brothel, giving blow-jobs to oil rig workers on shore leave. To be honest, I wasn’t quite as good at it as the girls but I had plenty of clients once they priced me at a 95% discount.
Yeah, how about it Dave?  Equal pay for equal work.  Stand up for yourself and be a man, for once.  Or ‘you go, girl!’.  Whatever.

Our pillory’s my special place.  I can spend hours at a time in there, not really doing anything in particular, you know?

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  1. luv the idea of a man having a restrictive credit card designed for teeny boppers! so cute


  2. I am sure Mrs Green is impressed that they are so concerned about the boys education (a very physical one may I say). I missed the first time I read it but I can now see that there are other people other than the teachers,the headmistress and matron who get to discipline the male. And so understanding to allow only two beatings a day and 10 a week. Femsup

  3. Yup. His phone is restricted too. Oh – and it adds little sparkly unicorns to every text it sends, as standard. Pretty cute, huh?

  4. Yes indeed. But they try to keep it to a minimum like that. Their aim is educaiton after all – it's not some kind of prison camp. More than two beatings a day is very hard to justify, although I understand there are competing institutions that take a different view, if this one doesn't work out for Derek.

  5. very silly teen girly girl is the absolute maximum level of maturity most males can reach – Furcoatvegan

  6. I would hope that Derek has contributed some of his pocket money and pay from the paper round to help pay for his further education. And yes there is that clause about if its justified they can be beaten more. There of course should be choice and many Mothers may want to send them to a school where are higher maximum or higher minimums. Femsup

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