Man is a political animal

… but do we really want to let animals vote?

More visions of a saner political future than our crazy, testosterone-fuelled present.  More can be found by clicking “bit of politics” in the word cloud over there >>>>, although some of those are from a darker, more… hard-core future. 

0 thoughts on “Man is a political animal”

  1. Hooray! Ann Hathaway – The Great Feminist President of all humans. Of all humans and of all submissive subjects, who live with humans and are controlled by humans!

  2. Thank you Mr Vegan. You'd better line up behind Alex there, to learn properly how to spell the President's name, though.

    Men don't need the vote or positions of power, that's the thing. So much easier to let the women take care of all of that, while we get on with the things that really matter. Ironing, for instance.

  3. Dear me, Femsup, as you seem to have studied this blog more intensely than anyone else in the world (including me) I would have thought you'd realise that we don't feature images like that here. Castration, coprophagia, anal rape and of course good old fashioned torture are all fine, but we do not ogle the undressed female form. Inappropriate images must be dealt with appropriately. Report for further training.

    Of course, being such a keen student of CtD, I expect you'll be able to find one or two examples that prove me wrong. But that would just show I need more gender sensitivity training too, wouldn't it?

  4. I knew it was wrong but I copied the first guy 🙁 great illustration of why men need female rule 😉

  5. I have now. Goodness, now that's the kind of justice I can support. Harsh measures are called for.. and I'm sure she wouldn't shrink from doing her duty.

  6. Well, indeed. Never pay any attention to what a male says: they're usually lying or wrong or just plain obtuse. Feel free to ignore this advice, of course, if logical consistency is your thing as I'm afraid I am (in a minor way) male myself.

  7. Вредина Вы, Servitor! Подумаешь, одну букву забыл! Я уверен, Анна была бы великодушна и больше 100 "горячих" не выписала бы! 🙂

  8. One letter, Alex? As in the difference between "he" and "she"? The difference between "lady" and "lad"? The difference between "Slav" and "slave", even?

    In any event, one letter in Anne's name is not an unimportant matter; it is certainly more important than any number of letters in yours or mine. You are in danger of excommunication from the Holy Church of Anne the Divine.

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