I was so upset I cried

… all the way to the chip shop.

It might.
Let’s hope he doesn’t say anything embarrassing.
A male submisive who fantasises about domestic drudgery but actually doesn’t know the first thing about housework?  Wow – pretty crazy idea, huh?
The worst of it is, she doesn’t allow me nearly enough pocket money to even dream of saving up to pay for a session with her. So it’ll be bananas all the way.
She knows, having tested a few to destruction.

0 thoughts on “I was so upset I cried”

  1. Tomorrow she is going to do the gardening in a tiny bikini ,more comfortable for her , more pain for him

  2. Hang about can a male hang by his testes that long? Yes he can and will. I think that there will be more sprinkling later in that garden and he will also have to hold it in his mouth for a half an hour or its the rose thorns for a cock released from chastity.


  3. As you say, Femsup, he can and he will. My SO says she is constantly amazed at how little belief men have in their own abilities to do things. One man she knew, for example, told her he couldn't take ten years imprisoned in an oubliette in Her garden: he said he would go mad. He was half right.

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