Conscious incompetence

That’s me…with occasional periods of unconsciousness, when She plays a little too vigorously.

don’t know about you, but I’ve reached the point in my life where just
stuffing high-value notes into an envelope gives me an erection.

He gets up early and sings his little song.

The irony is, they then use ordinary gelding clippers to remove what remains of the burnt semi-dissolved flesh. So it’s all a bit pointless, really.  Will you tell her, or shall I?

Unaccompanied males can enter the country on their own passports, of course.  It’s just leaving that’s forbidden.
Best not to argue, though.

0 thoughts on “Conscious incompetence”

  1. Rabbits are crepuscular. They are most active in the morning and evening, and can run at 20-30mph. That person doesn't stand a chance

  2. He didn't stand a chance the moment he crawled through the entrance gate and surrendered his passport. She knows that. He doesn't.

    "Crepuscular" is a good word, insufficiently frequently used on femdom porn sites, I reckon. Thank you for that.


  3. Yes. He has to be strapped in tightly, too, and follow all the instuctions of the cabin crew in the event of an emergency. In fact, I read a whole blog post about it once.

  4. Smart indeed. Yes, they place quite a high value on intelligence in their cabin staff. One of many reasons why they don't employ men in those roles.

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