It’s Christmas time, and there’s no need to be afraid

but it can spice things up a bit.

Next Christmas you can give her sole title to the house and all your finances.

And there’s New Year to look forward to after that.

I’m sure she can find a way of taking your mind off it.

I like turkey, but I hope Mike and Juan don’t give me any more of that special eggnog. It tasted weird…

Funnily enough, the year after they all gave each other little leather purses. What are the odds, eh?

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  1. ''May I ask if he will be in the clinic overnight? As we have a dinner party planned for tomorrow evening and It would be very inconvenient if he wasn't able to serve our guests.''

    ''Well, Mrs. Sullivan, it usually takes a few days for boys to recover from the procedure. It is complex as you wish him to still have an empty, dangling style of p**is It is a new type of castration and I am not sure about the recovery time.. Could you postpone the dinner party, maybe?''

    ''Oh certainly, he will have to be punished for causing a delay, but yes, I can certainly work with that.''

    ''Is your husband waiting outside in reception?''

    ''Yes, do you want me to sign the consent now?''

    ''Yes, please. Now don't worry. You will get your sissy back all eager and girly as usual.''

    ''How long will the p**is be, when it is emptied of all the nerves and flesh?''

    ''It is entirely up to you. Say2 inches?''

    ''Oh my my. That will be fine. Will make his skirts and dresses hang beautifully. Can I speak to him before he goes to the ward?''

    ''Yes, of course. The nurses will deal with him from here, goodbye and see you after the op, ok?''

    ''Yes Geraldine, I mean Doctor.''

    I went out to where Max was sitting patiently. He knows what procedure is being done today and has agreed it is badly needed. I sit next to him and notice our mini skirts a both blue.

    ''Now honey, I want you to be a good boy today. The nice nurses will take you to the ward and the operation is scheduled for 2 o'clock, ok? I will see you tomorrow. Geraldine has told me that it will take a few days to recover and you will feel sore, but it is not painful in the slightest. Now, I will have to postpone the dinner party to next week or the wee after as you wont be able to serve. We can talk about that later, ok'.'

    ''Most high goddess, thank you for allowing me to have this procedure. I will feel much more sissy and girly with a smoother front. Have you decided what my boy clit will be like, last time we spoke you were deciding?''

    ''Oh honey, didn't I tell you. It will be 2 inches long and completely empty of nerves and flesh. It will be the sweetest dangling thingy. Are you excited?''

    ''Oh yes ma'am, very excited. Are you going now?''

    ''Yes, honey. Goodbye. Be a good boy.''

    ''Bye goddess.''

    ''Are you Max Sullivan? Yes? Ok, follow me. I am Nurse Gordon. You area pretty thing aren't you? I love your blue skirt and white top. Very cute, Max.''

    ''Thanks. I am so excited. I love my wife so much and she looks after me so well. Sometimes she lets me stay up until 8 o/clock. That is late for a sissy isn't it?''

    ''You are a little chatterbox aren't you? Now get undressed and put this long gown on. Then get into bed, honey pie.''


  2. Goodness me, we're a long time back,aren't we Ms Zoe? 2017! Sounds like a time of new developments for Maxie – and some much better-fitting panties to look forward to.

    Best wishes


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