Campaign and humiliation

On the way to a better tomorrow.

Just been sent some campaign material by a certain political party. Probbaly going to be seeing these on billboards all across the country in the run-up to 2020.


That’s all the campaign material I have for now.  Well, there was one more thing in the box.  But I don’t think this was intended for publication – looks like their agency’s briefing on a TV spot they’re planning. Can someone let me know if they ever see the finished ad?

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  1. Should any percentage of any management be male. Well maybe it was 10% in that company but that was before the election.Femsup

  2. Oh Femsup, I'm shocked at your old-fashioned prejudiced attitude. There are LOTS of important jobs that men can do. In the company I work for, for example, all of the cleaning staff up to and including one of the deputy assistant managers are male, and in the whole catering department there are only two women: the head of catering and the purchasing manager. And don't even get me started on the in-house laundry service.

    As our CEO says, there's no limit to the heights a man with the right attitude can reach. She herself believes in recruiting a constant stream of young, fresh male talent and sets a personal example by always having at least two male interns, usually no older than 22, in her personal office, to give them the best possible start in the company.

  3. I had quite forgot and got above my station. We are constantly told how the fulfilling of the contract we as males have in the new society is made by just such important work. Work allotted to our sex. I know the young fellows have an advantage but some of us olden's have qualities sought by the management.

    For instance we have tougher hides to take those disciplinary canings and tawsings. We have long been under the thumbs and bottoms of our Wives. But I fear even the many advantages we have will disappear now that Civics is taught in all the schools. Those boys will be extra civil now. Plus they even at 22 will have had nearly as many beatings as we have had in our fifties. Femsup

  4. Yes indeed, I've always liked that. Just the right size ratio and a lovely concept – plus the photomanips are nicely done too. Recommended.

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