Shameful display!

20 minutes? Women, eh?  I can get there in 20 seconds, usually before I’ve even got my trousers off.

,,,and footboys are sworn to the code of secrecy.  Also, rarely if ever allowed to go out or communicate with anyone except Mistress.

They proved it scientifically, using double-blind tests. 125 blindfolded men were slapped across the face repeatedly, over a period of three years (while others received equivalent amounts of pain in other ways, as a control).  On average, memory retention increased by 2.3%, on a statistically significant basis. The effect wasn’t uniform, though. Some subjects benefitted a lot, but fully 17% of the men receiving the slapping treatment were unable to remember anything at all from their lives before the programme started.  There’s obviously a lot still to learn, but the Institute just received a €8 million grant, so research continues.


He likes her to be pristine for when he comes on her breasts. 

Just what I always say.  It’s all very well to say that men and women should be equal in status and respect, but naughty bottoms don’t spank themselves, do they, so there has to be some differentiation of roles in marriage.  That’s a nice-looking corner, just behind them, by the way, don’t you think?  I expect they make good use of that.

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  1. Lovely set. Long time watcher second time commentor XD. Just wanna say love all your captions =D.
    Also if you ever do any of those news captions again where Anne is running for President. Would love Kimberly Guilfoyle. I don't agree with her viewpoints but something about her

  2. Thank you. Welcome back to the comments section! I'd like to do more of the Anne Hathaway President ones, but ideas for them are hard to come by, I find. Also pictures of ladies presenting news or being interviewed – so Ms Guilfoyle sounds like an excellent possible source. Never heard of the lady, but Google Images will be my friend there, I expect.

    There's something about these right-wing, rather poised Fox News ladies, I find. Here in the UK, a while back, the newspapers were briefly outraged by a ballerina who turned out to be a member of a fascist party. Her views were indeed outrageous, but I have to say there's something about the notion that did strangely appeal. See for yourself.

    One thing this blog has never been accused of is political correctness, fortunately. It is utterly incorrect in just about every field of human endeavour, including politics.

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