Lap of honour

It’s funny how much clearer things can appear, through tear-stained eyes.

Yes, I suppose I am.  I even irritate myself, sometimes.

Oh good.  Thrash it out, once and for all.

It must be awful for her, having a brutal boyfriend. Imagine how she felt: just having to stand there watching you being beaten up.

Well, that’s settled.  Good. On with the ironing.

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  1. Darling you know I'm very open minded about things like mens lib. I won't allow you to go to any of the meetings or have the nasty literature in the house. However, I certainly think you are allowed to believe in some sort of equality and stuff. It's just that I don't want you to confuse thinking private little thoughts and actually expecting any such thing in this marriage…ok? I absolutely agree that men have their place but not to voice disrespectful opinions or have the vote. That would be madness. My friend Rachel went out with a boy who dared to express the view that men should be given management roles and stand for election…can you imagine, darling? Crazy world or what. Sorry? What happened to the guy Rachel dated? He was convicted of holding dangerous views and jailed for 12 years. Too short a time I say…damned lenient judges.

    Anyway you don't believe in mens lib, do you?


  2. Many thanks yet again for your splendid comment, which really should be above the line. Perhaps I'll do a post of story-like comments, as the lovely Mistress Scarlet has taken to doing recently.

    I just want to warn you, Zoe, that I am about to go off-line for two weeks. As every summer, there will be a daily post but no replies to any comments, I am afraid – so if you do continue your marathon commentary session, it's not just me being typically male and unappreciative and all comments will be read in due course.

    Sun, sea and sand… they don't actually have any of those in the kennels, but she usually sends me a postcard.

    Thank you again


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