It’s savage and it’s cruel

And it shines like destruction.

Sometimes without even noticing they exist.
The previews of the show are incredibly positive.  “Massively talented”, “Genius”, “Art’s new guru”. She’s certainly done something to impress the critics.

As I’ve mentioned before, I think men with an interest in maledom could learn a lot from a dominant woman with the right approach.

Tsk. That’s no comfort.  They’re usually so interested in each other, they might forget about me for days at a time.

I suppose the neck belt might interest someone.  And the very clean decor.

0 thoughts on “It’s savage and it’s cruel”

  1. Well, of course you did.

    You know, I am still looking for an image of a domme standing in a pristine kitchen wearing a neck belt, plus a harness that will fall off if she moves, who is pointing at at a school vaulting horse while looking bored. Accompanied by an ungrammatical caption, obviously.

    Just to see if I can make your head explode.

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