Mission critical

More from the only superhero movie ever where the main character is actually believeable.  I mean – Superman? A male, being brave and fighting for truth and justice?  Come on… they can do amazing things with CGI but there’s a limit to how far disbelief can be suspended.   I suppose The Dark Knight Rises was a pretty good movie but I couldn’t understand why they gave the character played by Christian Bale so much screentime. 

So – Wonder Woman, obviously.  Spoilers follow.  If you haven’t seen the movie already, you’re going to need to close this web page, go to Max Fisch or somewhere like that to find a domme near you who does judicial caning and book yourself in for a 24-stroke session, OK? Then just go and see the damn movie, moron.

Right, so if you’re down here, I guess you’ve already seen it.  A lot of the plot is quite predictable, of course, but I think any responsible blog will try to avoid spoilers where possible. I mean, that scene where Steve is supposed to be Diana’s servant in the German officer’s club and she has to cane him just to maintain their cover?  If you knew that was coming, it wouldn’t have half the shock value. Or the post-credits scene, where you see how the Amazons dealt with the German soldiers who survived the attack on Themyscira?  Or even the electrified strap-on joke.  I could go on…

But one of the themes of the plot, that I think works pretty well, is the tension between Steve and Diana as their mission progresses.  Sure, they’re both on the track of General Ludendorff, but they don’t share exactly the same objectives and that tension comes to the surface sometimes, as Steve tries to get Diana to do things his way.  Good luck with that, boy – Amazon princess, remember? Anyway, those interactions are some of my favourite human moments in the movie, so I’ve tried to get the dialogue down to the best of my ability and put them into a few captions.

Sorry about the change from the normal theme of this blog, but not everything can be femdom porn, you know?*

(*I will admit this blog is essentially devoted to proving that almost anything can be femdom porn, though).

Finally, I think it’s really interesting that very nearly the same tension was present between the actors themselves on set.  Do you think Chris and Gal were influenced by the movie’s own themes?  Or did the scriptwriters watch the interaction between the two stars and get some ideas, as filming progressed?  I expect we’ll never know.  But this little snippet, captured from some behind the scenes filming on the set, gives just a hint of some of the clashes of creative vision that went on:

I’d certainly pay to see that.

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  1. They say that memory is best triggered by smell. Maybe the scent of Her unwashed knickers pressed against his nose. They must try everything in order to get those memories back. Femsup

  2. They say that your life flashes in front of you when you are drowning and the whereabouts of Ludendorf will be remembered as his head is pushed into the toilet bowl. You can have a shot from within the bowl with his face submerged in the water and the Amazon pressing her stiletto shod foot harder into the back of his head and the memories of where Ludy is hiding come flooding back. Might account for the trench foot all that pressing heads into water. Femsup.

  3. Magnificent. Loving these Wonder Woman ones. Glad you continued on with them. Hope to see more from the only movie to come out this summer.

  4. Could be. Diana's problem is that she's not really familiar with toilet bowls. Amazons don't use them, you see, they make other arangements. I imagine she found it a bit difficult at first, after leaving Themyscira, but I expect Steve helped out as best he could.

  5. Thank you for commenting. Yes, it's a very watchable movie. Helps fill the gap between Colossal and Ocean's Eight, anyway.

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