Turning point – defined

“A climax in the narrative” apparently.  So there you go.

Turning points.  Soft-core captioned images about situations that aren’t quite femdom.  Just right for a femdom porn blog, no?

Just for the kind reader who left the comment on the last installment in the series…

0 thoughts on “Turning point – defined”

  1. Yah… mine too. Well… when I'm not in the mood for a more feminazi brutal totalitarian nightmare vibe anyway.

    But regretably my little male brain doesn't manage to think up turning points very often and there have to be five for a post. So the next one might be a while. More President Anne Hathaway next Friday, though… quite a popular series too.

  2. YAY I will be saving up. Can't wait to celebrate more President Hathaway the ultimate Femdom Commander in Chief!

  3. I was about to ask 'saving what up' but then I realised. Well, good for you. Me, I have someone else holding the key to the piggy bank, so to speak.

  4. There's only small change in that piggy bank and I am sure it will be going to the re election of Ms Hathaway. Well you can't vote anymore so it will have to be a donation. Of hard labour and sweat for Her as well as money.


  5. She doesn't want your sweat, thank you, Femsub. Nice shiny latex costume, with chastity belt and gag to ensure no embarassing emissions occur and you'll be ready to join Her campaign. But don't expect to start at the top. Even in today's world of social media, there's a lot of trudging from door to door from 8am to 10pm if you want a candidate to be elected, and every single one of those shoes needs cleaning.

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