0 thoughts on “Dealing with electoral disfunction”

  1. These are amazing. I can't wait for President Hathaway. I am campaigning for her already. I need those changes to happen.

  2. Well, I'm afraid you just have to wait. I know males aren't good at self-control and waiting for things, but then that's why we have chastity belts and corner time, right?

  3. Hathaway is miles ahead in the key demographic of Ballet-Soccer Moms (Moms who's sons do Ballet and daughters play soccer)

  4. Any chance for a followup caption or two, of a male shopping for a nice, tight chastity cage to minimize his tax burden?

  5. My financial advisor's been keeping me in tight chastity for the tax benefits for several years. I only found out it doesn't work a month ago – I'm going to have a few words to say to her, I can tell you!

  6. Yup. Also the standing in the corner and doing what you're told by your betters demographic. Which is larger than many people assume.

  7. I have long been an advocate of a penis tax. And as you have said they don't have to wear one if they don't want to pay the tax. But where do we with rather large penises squished down inside tight little tubes come in?
    At least erecting in public is a lot less common now with all the tubes being worn so that element of rape has been stamped on. And by those shiny boots of the Male guidance Officers no doubt too. Absolutely brilliant about the cruel AND unusual punishment and I am glad your Very Significant Other spotted that for you.

    I look forward to seeing Tom Hudson when he returns and his new attitude. I was under the impression that 6 weeks was the norm for the male re education centres but maybe there was a typo error in his placement there.

    There is no problem with the first amendment as the words will just be harder to hear and accompanied by bubbles from the males mouths. Femsup

  8. Yes, I have my best ideas when my SO is femsplaining them to me. Thank you for your comments, which seem almost feminine in their insightfulness!

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