Cold as ice cream but still as sweet

…in the weekend mood and she’s feeling proud.

Maybe when she’s finished her croquet game.

I have a similar skill – I can usually tell within about 15 seconds of meeting a woman in  a public place whether she’s dominant.  I’m not going to give away my secret, but it’s to do with the way her shoes taste.

Do you suppose coming in your pants counts as contempt of court?

I could be a ball-boy…  It involves a lot of scurrying, I understand.  I’m good at scurrying.

The trouble with that Batman movie was that they just tried to do too much in one  movie.  They had Anne in a maid’s outfit, in a cocktail dress and dressed like that, for goodness sake. That would surely have been enough to sustain a two-hour movie, without having male characters or a plotline or any of that nonsense. Why do modern movie-makers always cram so much in?

0 thoughts on “Cold as ice cream but still as sweet”

  1. Thank you for the Catwoman one. I just can't get enough of Anne in that suit. I'm sure there are more lurkers out there just waiting for many more like it.

  2. They are all very welcome to comment, whether as a one off or as often as they please, while lurking anonymously to their hearts' content. As you are: thank you for commenting!

  3. Thank you. So do I. Well.. I love the judge. With Anne, the word is more like 'worship'. Or possibly 'find meaning in my otherwise pointless existence by worshipping', although that is not as catchy.

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