Suitable treatment

Ah… the second childhood. I’m looking forward to that.


Therapy can be painful.

Quite a therapeutic theme today.  Using boys for anger management makes a lot of sense: it can work off a lot of tension and no one who matters gets hurt.

Little does she know I’m a humiliation freak as well as a service-oriented submissive, so being despised is just all part of the fun!

Hmmm… just noticed that my favourite Tumblr cuandolasmujeresmanden has just disappeared.  Damn! I know there’s about a billion femdom image reposting Tumblrs but cuando somehow just managed precisely to match my own perverted tastes .  And only posted high quality pictures too.  First ‘Femdom Times’ goes into hibernation for ever and now this.  Does Tumblr close down ‘adult’ blogs?  I must say, I can’t quite see the point, given that there’d still be 999,999,999 of them left.

Grrrr….   If anyone has a particular recommendation feel free to share it in the comments.  No blogs with nekkid women, granny porn or really icky things being done to men’s genitals and shown in close-up please.  Just good healthy bondage and discipline.  And humiliation, contempt and cruelty.

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  1. For some Women brainwashed into believing that men are equals and that for them to be caned is barbaric it very hard to confront their fears and prejudices. With support from Women who know how marriages should work She will come round to a more balanced way of thinking. Femsup

  2. Hey Servitor,

    I'm Femi and I have my FemDom blog at, I have been writing for over a year now.
    I don't really have to many readers, but from time to time I check out other writers, and just now I thought – why not contacting them for a link exchange?

    Would you maybe interested in doing a link exchange with me (like putting my site in your sidebar?)

    I would follow your blog as well, of course!


  3. Well indeed. They need to understad that we men don't experience pain in the way that women do. Plus, that we're all lazy little sods whose arses need a proper thrashing.

  4. In the next session, they're going to be working through the pain together. Then they'll be able to take it home and integrate the techniques they've learnt into their daily lives. It's inspiring, when couples realise how much control they can have over the success of their relationship, if they only choose to do so.

  5. Hello Femi

    Thank you for commenting here. I hope your blog is successful, but it's also important I think just to write what you enjoy.

    I'm afraid I have a policy of refusing 'link exchange' requests because I don't think that is how displayed links should work. I put up links on the blog to sites that I think my readers will like, and that I want to keep up with, and linking to somewhere just because it will link back doesn't fit that.

    As it happens, though, I do like your blog – very much – so I am going to link to it anyway. But you certainly shouldn't feel the need to act reciprocally.

    Best wishes


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