Six of the best

A good caning never hurt anyone, right?

Oh, hang on…

I think I’m pretty strongly oriented towards serving Mistress Eleise already.

What to do… what to do.

Ermm… oh, you know.  Nothing really.  Just one of those things. Forget I said anything.     Please?

You should stand up for your rights.  When you’ve finished bending over for the cane, obviously.

I hope she doesn’t mind frantic tugging at the bonds, and pitiful pleading, mixed in with the screaming.

She’ll probably be able to empathise more with your pain, now. Probably

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  1. Maybe this is a new thing she is doing ,trying out the punishment in a mild way before she does it properly on the man ,she could walk on the stone floor of the dungeon with her bare feet to make sure its cold and hard before she places the man in it for the night ,or placing her neck and wrists in the slots of the pillory open of course for a few minutes before she closes and padlocks the man in it for 5 or 6 hours

  2. Exactly so. My own SO once tried 48 hours without having sex once, just to see what it was like for me, all locked up in my chastity belt for months at a time. I think it's good for dommes to understand both sides of the deal, like this.

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