Love hurts

…in all sorts of unexpected ways. But today is the day for celebrating love, harking all the way back to St Valentine himself who found love while incarcerated behind the bars of a prison cell, before being tortured to death.  He remains an inspiration to us all.

You can’t run away from love.

She’s working hard for this marriage.  Maxim and Sven are probably going to be giving it their all too. So what about you?

Just once.

Love can also express itself through pain, terror, panic – especially when instruments of torture are involved.  It’s just part of how it feels, when it’s real, you know?

I had a friend who wanted to give his SO the ultimate gift, and secretly commissioned a designer leather firm to sort it out. Sadly, there was a mix-up and he ended up as about a fifth of a matching armchair and sofa set that was sold to some billionaire in Qatar with more money than taste. But she would have been quite touched by the gesture, had she ever known about it.

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  1. Very kind of you to say so. Of course, I also get off on contempt and disdain, but only in rather specific circumstances.

    Many thanks for commenting.


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