I worked eleven hours and bought the girl some flowers

Makes it all worthwhile (trigger warning: link contains scenes of male equality and ordinary life).

It’s amazing how much easier the invention of electricity has made these simple tasks. In the old days she’d have had to bend you over, whack you with a birch rod or something… now she just presses a button enough times, and presto you’re balancing books! We have a lot to be thankful for.

Most of the book’s concerned with proper cleaning and ironing of military uniforms.  You’ll be discovering a lot about that, later on. Still – first things first.

Caption writing’s like that.  At first, you really agonise about whether you’ve tersely managed to capture the essence of a scene, but after a while you realise you can just publish any old crap and the sad wankers who read your blog will keep coming anyway, because they only want to look at the pictures.  Which is really great if you run out of original or clever ideas!

Dommes in the city.

Don’t worry. She‘s not going to have to stay on duty for fourteen hours.  They share the time between three of them. It’s quite tiring work, whipping men into carrying great piles of stones around, after all.

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  1. The soldier one has three parts to it and is brilliant. Like great stage comedians they weave a joke returning to a theme from earlier. I don't see you losing heart as you are moved by so many muses.

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