Lap of honour

She uses a system of rewards and penalties.  Some days, when you’ve done particularly well, you’re rewarded by not being penalised.

I wasn’t a service oriented submissive when I started out, but my SO sent me on an orientation course.
The other things are negotiable.  Just go ahead and negotiate – but you do have to be in position first, OK?

In any marriage, learning when to communicate – and when to stay silent – is as important as learning how.

I find these networking sites can really eat up my time.  I had fifteen ironing assignments on Slavr last week, for example – took me hours to get all that done – and then there were eight notifcations waiting for me on Spankr.  I thought all this technology was supposed to give us all more free time?

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  1. Is it just me or seeing Women ironing looks just wrong. I love the Spankr and Salvr apps. Why shouldn't Women be able to mark a man's card as it were just from passing them. He need not even know who or when he was insolent to a superior. Femsup

  2. Do u by chance know who the first in the list of lovely ladies is please as she is particularly lovely!

  3. No, it's not just you, Femsup. You know, I read somewhere that there's a whole perverted thing some men get off on, looking at pictures of women in traditional masculine roles like ironing, washing up… even wearing frily skirts and suchlike. Still, that's the Internet for you – no matter what you see, there's always something still weirder.

    Spankr and Slavr are great, but it's amazing how much of your time those apps can take up, you know? I've still got at least nine 'urgent' items on my task list, so I'd better get back to it. Thanks for commenting; always appreciated.

    bzzz… oh damn, that's ten now.

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