Losing my religion

OK, so my bitlocked external drive has had a bit of an old crash and makes nasty clicky grindy noises when it tries to go (and there is no way I am taking that particular collection of corrupted files to a computer expert recovery place, thank you).  So I’ve lost a few months of stuff since the last backup.  And by good luck, I haven’t lost any of the captions I posted during that time but I have lost the file structure that tells me whether I have ever posted them before or not.

So, for the next few months or so, if you find yourself thinking that CtD is even more repetitive and tedious than usual, it probably is and it might be because I’m repeating myself with an image I’ve already posted some time between July and October this year. Tell me in the comments and I won’t replace it directly, but I’ll add a sixth image to the next post.  Or something.

Anyway, the show limps on despite technical difficulties, so here we go again:

I’ve nothing to say about this one.  Not for another four months, anyway.
She’s got a point there.  One of the mistakes newly maried couples often make is thinking they have to do everything together.  There are lots of things my SO and I do separately – for example, being chained up naked cold and alone in the cellar is my special thing and there’s no reason for her not to go out clubbing while I’m doing it.
Don’t judge them too harshly. Most new dommes mess up their first breathplay session. Plenty more subs out there, so it really doesn’t matter.

Sooner or later most subs realise it’s not all about them. Some lucky ones eventually realise it’s not about them at all.


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  1. Well ,since you asked, the first one "About that which we cannot speak" is a duplicate. I know this because it is one of my all time favorites. Red hair, stern wife, what's not to like?

  2. Thank you Ralph. A sixth caption has been added to today's post ("helplessly devoted", to be published whever the automatic posting scheduler thingy is set for).

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